Enhance Your Look with Trendy Short hairstyles 2014

short pixie hair cut

Want to change your looks? It is possible when you follow the latest fashion trends of 2014. If you explore the celebrity events of this year, you would realize that many celebrities have cut short their hairstyles. I would like to take the name of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence, these beautiful divas have come with the new looks. Reese Witherspoon rock Golden Globes Awards 2014 with her Assyemtrical hairstyles while Pixie hairstyle of Jennifer make her really cute and stunning. If you want to follow the trends of short hairstyles 2014 then it is me who would like to provide you a list of different short hairstyles.

Short Pixie Hairstyles

If you a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, then you can simply go for razor cut pixie short hairstyle 2014. You need to sacrifice your long hair length just to grab this amazing hairstyle. Good thing about pixie cut is that it makes you look stylish and trendy. There is no need to do anything for the maintenance.Once your get a pixie cut, you would be ready for any special event. Just you need to comb your hair with brush or finger.

short pixie hair cutwomen pixie hairstylepixie short hairstyles 2014

Short Wavy hairstyles

Waves will remain in the fashion, no matter which era is.  The girls can get flirty looks with short wavy hairstyles 2014.  Unlike Pixie cut, this hairstyle require good maintenance from the wearer. You need to apply shinny gel or serum while you brush your cute waves that touches your face.  Once you get wave hairstyle, you would have different styling options. You can go for either side parted wavy hairstyle or swept back waves, choices would be completely yours.

short wavy hairstyle for girlsshort wavy hairstyles 2014short wavy hairstyles for women

Boyish Short hairstyles 2014

Many girls love to copycat boy looks, boyish short cut hairstyle seems to be a suitable option for them. Just like pixie cut, this hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance efforts. However, a girl who is going to get this hair cut must have good level of confidence since she has to face critical comments about her personality.

short boyish hairstyle for girlsboyish short hairstyle for women

Short Mullet hairstyles

As we all know, trend of Mullet short hairstyle is back with Rihanna unique Mullet hairstyle. She spotted with her mullet razor cut bangs on many fashion mags 2014. No matter you follow Rihanna fashion 2014 or not , this hairstyle is going to offer unique and trendy look. Your appearance will get changed completely once you have this haircut. Just like boyish cut, mullet hairstyle also demand high degree of confidence from wearer.

short mullet hairstyle 2014short mullet 2014

Short Curly hairstyles

Girls who have short hair can change this hairstyle by using their curling iron. Curly short hairstyle enhance volume of hair to a great extent. Thin hair look thick after curling. In case you are going to attend a special party then it is advisable to get help of an expert hair stylist. She would create short formal curly hairstyle for a little fee.

short curly hairstyle 2014short formal curls hairstylewomen short curls

Short Bangs

Razor cut bangs should be preferred by trendy girls. Bangs cover the face and enhance one’s beauty to a great extent. Chic look can be obtained through short bangs hairstyles. There is a wide variety of styling option for bangs. For example, you can just divide hair into two section so that razor cut bangs touches your cheeks and give you a promising look. Another way of styling is to make a messy fringe of layered bangs on your head and get a cute look.

short bangs for womenrazor cut bangs for women

Short Bob hairstyles

Although Reese Witherspoon is spotted with asymmetrical long bob or lob hair cut but if you don’t have long length then you can surely try short asymmetrical bob hair cut. Another short hair cut option comes in the form of short graduated bob, your hair gradually increase in length when you see it from front to back. Simple short bob hair cut is also suitable but you can make it quite stylish by moving bangs either inward or outwards.

women graduated bob 2014razor cut bob for womensleek bob hairstyles for womenshort bob hair cut 2014


Short Baby Cut hairstyle

Short baby cut hairstyle for girls is not really common but this hairstyle adds an x-factor to one’s personality. It is suggested to pick an expert hairstylist when you are going to take this hair cut. Symmetrical baby cut can only be made by a professional, there is no need to try this hair cut at home. Once you have this haircut, you are free to go anywhere with great pride on your personality and outlook.

short baby cut hairstyles 2014 for women

Short Fringe with Back Updo

Another amazing idea of changing your look is to get a short fringe and then to make an updo of rest of hair. Messy back updo with front short sleek fringe definitely enhance your beauty.

short fringe with back updo hairstyleShaggy Hairstyle

No doubt, it is one of the best short hairstyles 2014. You look super trendy when you get shaggy cut. Razor cut bangs of different size cover your head and side of face. The girls who don’t have time to put effort in hairstyling maintenance must try this hairstyle this year.

girl shaggy hairstyles 2014short shaggy hairstyle

shaggy hairstyles for girlsFront Messy Short hairstyle

Girls who want super casual short hairstyle must try front messy short hairstyle. Your task is to get a short hair cut and then mess up your hair on fore head. Another way of looking trendy and casual side by side is get a short razor cut and then set your sharp bangs on one side of your head.

short messy hairstylefront messy short hairstyle

It’s right time to dip into all chic short hairstyles 2014 just to pick one short hairstyle that will suit you the most.

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