Dove Tattoo : Designs, Meanings, Ideas and History

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Dove Tattoos are quite popular among men and women, though women commonly get them tattooed. This tattoo design may include only dove or some other symbols such as heart, leaf, flower, string, etc. There are many different sizes of dove tattoo designs, so people are able to get this design anywhere on their body.

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Explore Meanings of Dove Tattoos in History

It is good to know that Dove is considered as a symbol of peace and love all over the globe. Whenever people have to portray love then they use dove tattoo along with the rose and heart. Dove tattoos has been used from many decades just to demonstrate peace and love in many different parts of the world. It is also a symbol of love and devotion for a long time now.Doves take good care of their young together. There is a special bond between two doves that last long, so it represents partner.

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Greek and Roman Mythology

In this mythology, dove symbolized peace and harmony. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is the goddess of love and fertility, she was born with doves in a chariot. She had seven daughters known as Pleiades are also recognized as the flock of doves in Green mythology. Sometimes, you see dove tattoo with an olive branch in its beak; this tattoo represents peace and harmony.

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Aztec Mythology

According to this mythology, Dove represents Xochiquetzal that is a goddess of love and it is said that she is mother of all humanity.

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Native America

Dove is also associated with Native America where many tribes believed that spirit of dead is transformed into a dove. Many American Indians got dove tattoo designs just to show this association of dove with dead spirits.

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In many stories of Christians, it is mentioned that Jesus was being followed by a flock of doves. Doves are also mentioned in the Holy book of Christian “Bible”. According to their believes doves are messengers from God. Generally, Christian gets their own designs of dove tat such as they opt for a cross and dove tattoos, a tattoo where Jesus is followed by a flock of dove.

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Noah’s Ark Story

Dove is also a part of famous story of Bible “Noah’s Ark”. Before the great flood,God ordered Noah to build an Ark and gather all animals in pairs in it.After Noah made an Ark, God flooded the earth and everything was destroyed. After many weeks at sea, Noah sent out a dove and raven for checking if they can see any sign of life. Dove came back with an olive branch in its beak. This was a sign that life is starting over. So, when you get a dove with a beak of olive leaf then it means “New beginning” or “new start”.

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Dove tattoo designs and Meanings

Now you know the complete details behind dove tattoo meanings. Therefore, it is good for you to get a comprehensive meanings list of dove tattoos. Check the list of dove tat meanings below:

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Peace
  • Rebirth
  • New Life
  • New Beginning
  • Peace
  • Devotion
  • Bond
  • Dedication
  • Monogamy
  • Jesus
  • Christianity
  • Success
  • Freedom
  • Free Spirit
  • Partnership
  • Victory
  • Hope
  • Success
  • Beauty
  • Joy

Dove with an Olive Branch

Dove tat design with an olive branch on dove’s beak demonstrates victory and success. It may refers success either in life or in a relationship.

dove tattoo noah's ark story

Dove and Love Tattoo

It is a fact that dove represents a bonding between partners, so many lovers opt for a dove tattoo and heart design that show their ultimate bonding and love.

dove and heart tattoo

dove and heart tattoo

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dove tattoo on ankle

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Dove tattoo for Family

There are many people who get dove tattoos design for their family. For example, a man gets a dove tattoo for showing his love and devotion to his newborn son. Some people opt for couple dove tattoo while other like to get a flock of doves for representing family and children. Dove tattoos can show love between couple. They can also demonstrate love between parents and children.

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Dove tattoo designs are quite amazing. People normally get this design on their ankle, foot, arm, neck or back but you can definitely choose your favorite body part.


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