Don’t Miss Hot Looks of Rihanna Fashion 2014

Rihanna Balmain black leather boiler suit

Rihanna knows how to rock a stage with her mesmerizing voice and how to add glam into photo shoot with her magical looks. She remains busy in experimenting with her looks. Sometimes she wears retro hairstyle while other times she appears with a big punk. But quite recently, she tried to surprise his fans with Mullet hairstyles. Her hairstyle is indeed amazing but it also confuses the followers of Rihanna fashion 2014. No doubt, this hairstyle ignites her looks but it’s very difficult for her fans to follow the same look. They surely need to fill more confidence into the body for getting such a maladroit hairstyle.

Rihnna orange red dress 2014

As far as Rihanna is concerned, she is quite comfortable with this hairstyle. She doesn’t mind removing a line between masculine-feminine kinds of hairstyles. She can wear any kind of hairstyle with great confidence. Those who follow her always need to think twice before they are going to adopt this new hairstyle of Rihanna.

mullet hairstyle rihanna 2014

After hairstyle, I would gladly like to bring into light Rihanna classy dress 2014. Let’s start with white elegant outfit that comes straight from Channel. Without any doubt, Rihanna rebel-look gets balanced in pure white dress. She is wearing golden brown curly hair wig, just to give a fine finish to her overall look.

Rihanna channel dress 2014

Rihanna has become brand ambassador of Balmain, French Fashion Brand. Her magnetic looks are enhanced to a great extent in latest Balmain compaign. She appeared in leather black boiler suit that is designed for Spring collection 2014. Her tousled waves are covering  half sides of her face and thus, Rihanna looks quite rude and rebel.

Rihanna Balmain black leather boiler suit

She sparks her chest in another black and white outfit of Balmain, she wears the black top along with high waisted denim trouser. She is wearing woven black, gold and silver chains around her waist. Matching gold bracelets give this rude girl a perfect look.  Black beauty looks adorable in both black outfits.

Rihanna black and white top with trouser 2014

According to Balamain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing, when she poses in front of camera then it seems that she is “”the only girl in the world”. This makes her quite appealing. He also said, “When the woman that inspires you wears your creations, your vision feels complete.”

Rihanna in Black Balmain Spring 2014 Collection

In case you think that Rihanna always shows off her Rebel look then you might be wrong since she looks cute and charming in pink and white kimono style coat. It seems that she is sitting in a steam room. This outfit is going to hit the market in January and we can say it with surety that the crazy followers of Rihanna Fashion 2014 will love to buy Balmain collection this year. They don’t miss a chance to Balmain. Her white lace boost along with gold color heel and toe caps would be another magnet of the year as girls like to try something new and unique all the time.

Rihanna Pink and white coat from Balmain fashion 2014

What is the most amazing thing about her pink outfit is three chains that are synching around her waist. Two gold and one white chain are tied around her tiny waist and it seems that trends of different kinds of chains might be kickstarted because of this Rihanna Fashion 2014 outfit.Rihanna also appear with super cool casual white jersey outfit. This is going to be the simple yet elegant dress from Ri Ri. Her tousled waves didn’t cover her face in this image unlike other images of Balmain Spring collection 2014 ad campaign.

Rihanna White Jesery top with gold chains around waist 2014

In case you want really cool and very casual from Rihanna then you need to take a look at blue and gold top that hanging  off the shoulders.This dress gives her a perfect flirty looks since her tousled waves are drapping around. It’s among the classy dresses of Rihanna.

rihanna blue and gold top hanging off the shoulder


Let’s take a break from Balmain campaign and talk about Rihanna’s amazing performance in Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Her performance was indeed wonderful but what crowd also felt attracted toward her Kokon to Zai Spring 2014 Menswear strip cap and poison stripe Jersey dress. She grabbed the attention of crowd not only due to her song but also because of this white strip cap and dress.

Rihanna Strip cap and suit 2014

Rihanna also wear some fantastic outfits from Joyrich X Giza spring/summer 2014. Let’s take a look at her oversized crew neck size black sweatshirt having a gold big Joyrich x Giza logo.

Rihanna Joyrich and giza sweatshirt 2014

Perfect summer dress is also included in Rihanna trends 2014. She worn an appealing turquoise and gold skirt along with white bra and jacket. You can also see how aesthetically she is heading a turquoise scarf into her curly hairs. Miu Miu flats are indeed complementing this casual summer outfit of Rihanna. You would be able to have your hands on these outfits by the end of  February 2014.

rihanna white and turquoise summer dress 2014rihanna 2014 summer dress


Rihanna always offer something really cool and casual wear for the women. In case you are looking for super casual then you can surely go for Rihanna’s Givenchy digital print top and trouser. This T-shirt and trouser comes straight from Givenchy Men’s spring 2014 collection. She is wearing fashion glasses along with gold bracelet and necklace and all these surely complement her casual Givenchy’s outfit.

Rihanna Givenchy 2014 dress

Although model of Givenchy wore the same outfit but you would admit that Rihanna is looking more beautiful and graceful.

Givenchy 2014 spring men's collection

Rihanna is showing her Mullet hairstyle along with her printed grey frock in New York Fashion week Spring 2014.

Rihanna New york fashion week 2014 dress

Quite recently, Rihanna rock the runway of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 with her super cool black outfit. She is wearing side swept curly hairstyles that make her look stunning on ramp. She is wearing a black transparent shirt over black top and gold/black printed shorts.

Rihanna black dress for fall 2014Now what are you waiting for it’s time to pick either summer or fall outfit of Rihanna and rock the fashion world.

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