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3d lizard tattoo

Whenever you hear blood curling scream of a girl then you know quickly that she has seen lizard. Girls and kids get frightened from lizard all the time and it is a normal situation. Lizard and snakes are two reptiles that always scared the human beings. However, fact is that these animals are as terrified from us as we are from them. Though many people are afraid of them but still there are some people who are bold enough to get lizard tattoos on different parts of their bodies. Today, my intention is to not only give you some cool ideas of 3D Lizard Tattoos but also let you explore the meanings of different kinds of lizard.

2d red lizard tattoos

Lizard’s Place in Human History

Surprisingly, Lizard got an important place in human history for almost thousands of years. Lizards are held in high esteem by the ancient Moche people of northern Peru and many Aboriginal tribes. Artists of these tribes often include image of Lizard in their masterpieces. The Greeks and Egyptian tagged them as “good fortune” and “wisdom”. There is a symbol for “Abundance” and “Wealth” in the Egyptian hieroglyphic and amazingly this symbol looks exactly similar to a lizard.

arm 3d lizrd tattoo

3d lizard tattoo

There are certain places of West Africa, where people carved the image of lizard into their houses’ wall. They believe that image of this tiny reptile keep the evil spirits outside the house and bring happiness and peace inside the house. St.Gregory the Great is a pope of sixth century who considered Lizard as a “humble soul seeking enlightment” because lizard spent basking in the warmth and shine of the sun for countless hours.

lizard tattoo designs

Lizard Influence in Human Language and Emotions

You may have read the term “Lizard brain” many times, actually it refers to primitive instincts of human. This term described by a school of though among well-known and leading world scientist. A lizard brains mean a part of our brain has somehow concerned with danger, gut feeling and deep rooted aggression. Might possible that this term came into existence when a school of thought closely observe the awe-inspiring power of Komodo Dragon, that is the most terrifying lizard. According to some rumors, this lizard occasionally dines on human beings. They were first known as land crocodiles as well.

komodo dragon lizard tattoos

back 3d lizard tattoo designs

3d komodo Tattoo designs

3d komodo dragon tattoos

Meanings of 3D Lizard Tattoos

People opt for 3D lizard tattoos because they want to represent the depth of complexity of their multi-dimensional personality. These tattoos give you a chance to express your various personality traits. Some common meanings of these tattoo designs are perception, adaptability, cunning, speed , agility, abundance, and death. They are many people who get lizard tattoo because they want to represent themselves as humble souls that are ready to get light from sun. In simple words, some people want light into their dark life path and thus, they may opt for this tattoo design.

3d lizard tattoo design

Diverse 3D Lizard Tattoo Design

It is good to know that people around the globe love to get design of lizard tattoos on their body. Tattoo artists bring multiple variations to the design. Some artists create a design that gives an illusion that lizard is real and moving on the body; however such illusion can only be created by an expert tattoo artist. An experienced artist knows a lot about the human anatomy, so it is not hard for him to a tattoo that looks alive and illusion seems quite real. Here are some common variation of lizard Tattoos.

tribal lizard tattoo ideas

Tribal Lizard Tattoos

There are some people who want to express their cultural and regional identity. They try to communicate with the spirits of their ancestor via a tribal and lizard tattoo. Lizards are considered spiritual while tribal tattoo demonstrates a connection of person to his ancestor.

tribal and lizard tattoo design

3d tribal lizard tattoo

tribal lizard tattoo design

shoulder tattoo of 3d lizard

3D Salamander Tattoos

If you look back in the humanity history then you would be able to find Salamanders foot prints. You can also find the tales of extraordinary beauty of these flaming reptiles, these tales were created by Pliny the Elder in first century A.D. According to Leonardo Da Vinci, Salamander had no digestive organs and they got no food but the fire in which they renewed their scaly skin for virtue. The people who get 3d Salamander tattoo want to represent how passionate they are and they are capable to handle any difficult situation.

3d salamender lizard tattoo designs for men

3d lizard salamander tattoo design for women

3d salamander tattoo design
3D Gecko Tattoos

Gecko are quite popular because of their climbing skills; that’s why speed and agility are common meanings of 3D lizard tattoos. They are capable to regenerate damage body parts. In this way, we can say that the meanings of 3d Gecko tattoo are renewal and cunning.They can live in any kind of circumstance and environment. Therefore, another meaning of gecko tattoo is adaptability. People who think that they are quite cunning to adapt themselves in any kind of situation and circumstance normally opt for this kind of tattoos.

2d geck tattoo design

geck tattoo design 3d

3d gecko lizard tattoo

3D Iguana Tattoos Designs

Native regions of Iguana are Central America, Mexico and the Carribbean. The word Iguana is a Spanish and derived from their Taino name i.e. iwana. In some islands of Eastern Carribbean , people like to taste Iguana. According to some reports, the best way to enjoy taste of this lizard is when you cook it in a hearty curry sauce. Meanings of 3d Iguana lizard tattoos are patience, creativity and understanding.

3d iguana lizard tattoo designs

3d iguana lizard tattoo design


3D Chameleon Tattoos

They are some people who believe that they posses hyper adaptability skills.They are able to adjust in any situation or circumstance that come into their life. Such people normally like to get Chameleon tattoo design that represents their adaptability trait to a great extent.

3d Chameleon lizard tattoo

3d chameleon lizard3d chameleon tattoo design

I’m sure you have understood meanings of 3d Lizard tattoos design. After understanding the meanings, it would become quite easy for you to pick one tattoo that clearly demonstrates your personal traits.

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