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taylor lautner hairstyles 2014

Taylor Lautner is famous due to a fictional character in Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. He played role of a werewolf named as Jacob Jake Black. People normally call him Jacob instead of Taylor because he did a remarkable job in five series of Twilight movie. In first installment of Twilight, he is an innocent teenager who helps main actress “Bella”-Kristen Stewart. In every next installment, his characters grow and at last he becomes a powerful wolf who is ready to protect his friend and love “Bella” from the enemies. As his character transforms, we saw changes in Taylor Lautner hairstyles form first installment to last. Let’s dig into famous and trendy hairstyles of Taylor Lautner or Jacob of Twilight.

taylor lautner hairstyles 2014

Taylor Lautner Long  hairstyles

In Twilight, Taylor wore long wavy hair. He comes with a kind of rebel-look in the beginning but fact is that this style suits him the most. This rugged look was adopted by him since he had to show his connection with Native American Quileute tribe in La Push. His fans started imitating his long hairstyle and they start growing the hair in the same way as Jacob has.

Jacon, Taylor lautner long hairstyles

taylor lautner long hair twilight

Short Tapered Hairstyle

During his transformation from human being to werewolf, Taylor Lautner also brought change into his haircut. He cut short his long hair. We saw a change not only in his hairstyle but also in his body muscles. Taylor Lautner short hairstyles also became as famous as his long hairstyle.  Guys try to copycat his muscle build and hairstyles to a great extent.

taylor lautner short hair

taylor lautner formal hairstyles

Side Parted Hairstyle

It is a rare but cool hairstyle of Taylor Lautner. He side parted his long hair and then secure the back hair in a ponytail. This hairstyle make his face features and cut more prominent then other Taylor Lautner hairstyles.

taylor lautner side parted haircutTaylor Lautner Medium hairstyles

The guys who have medium hair can surely try straight but a little edge hairstyle of Taylor Lautner. This hairstyle makes a nice frame around a round and oval face.

taylor lautner medium haircut


Buzz Cut-Signature Hairstyle

Once Taylor Lautner cut short his hair, he doesn’t grow them again. Though he sometimes appears with medium hairstyles but quite often he appears with his buzz cut. It is not wrong if we say that buzz cut has become a signature hairstyle of Taylor Lautner. Sides of hair are tapered. You can see 1-1.5 inches hair on side while he add volume and length into the top head section where sometimes you can see 2 inches hair strands.

taylor lautner razored buzz cut


Different Styling of Buzz Cut

Good thing about his hairstyles is that we can see a great variation in it. He gives guys a chance to varied their buzz cut in a personalized manner. Sometimes, he goes for spiky buzz cut where hairs are set with gels and you can see spikes moving upward.

taylor lautner short spikes

taylor lautner buzz cut


Other times, he goes for sleek buzz cut. He has good volume of hair on top while side hair has sleek finish. Normally, he wear this clear buzz cut during some special events such as Red Carpet or Award ceremonies.

taylor lautner famous hairstyles

taylor lautner buzz cut

Taylor Lautner Messy Hairstyles

We know that Taylor is an organized person since he always has a hairstyle that is either formal or semi-formal. However, he is a guy who love to go for a change. A few times, he appear with messy hairstyle. He doesn’t care brushing his hair. He goes out with this super messy hairstyle.

taylor lautner messy hairstyles taylor lautner messy hairstyles

taylor lautner hairstyles in 2014


Taylor Lautner Hairstyles in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is among the most romantic films of Hollywood. You would love to see his chemistry with the main actress. As he had to perform a romantic role, so he adopted a very chic and trendy look with his short hairstyle.

taylor hairstyles in Valentine's day

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

taylor lautner with Emma Roberts

Taylor Lautner and Emma Roberts


Taylor Lautner hairstyles in Abduction

We know how Taylor won the heart of viewers through his startling performance in Abduction. He looked super handsome and hot in the movie. When it comes to his hairstyles in the movie then we notice that he preferred to trim the edges of his side hair. His task was to get a perfect cool guy look and no doubt, he was looking amazing. His short hairstyle is fully set with the gel and hair creams.

taylor lautner hair beauty in abduction

Taykor lautner hairstyle in Abduction


Taylor Lautner Hairstyle in My Own Worst Enemy

Taylor Lautner played a good role in TV series My Own Worst Enemy. He changed his appearance to a great extent in this TV show. Instead of getting a cool look, he loved to try super casual look with a startling casual short haircut. No doubt, he looked amazing in the haircut and teenager would love to adopt his style.

taylor lautner casual hairstyles taylor hairstyles in My Own Worst Enemy

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