Discover meanings and Ideas of Flower Tattoos on Ankle

purple rose tattoo on ankle

Whenever you think about flower tattoo, you always image them on a woman’s body. However, it doesn’t mean that men can’t get ink of flower tattoo. They can surely get it but fact is that flower tats are always associated with women in the West. In past, only women got these tattoos but men got attracted toward them when appreciation for the meanings of flower tattoos rose to the peak level. Today, I’m here to give every person a chance to explore meanings of flower design tattoos along with some robust design ideas for ankle flower tattoo. Before I share meanings of flower tats with you, I would like to get your attention toward a main point i.e. meanings of these tattoos vary from one culture to another. For example, meaning of rose tattoo in Japanese tattoo art might be different from its meaning in Russian tattoo art. Let’s start adorable discovery of flower tattoos on ankle.

flower ankle tattoo design ideas

Lotus Flower Tattoo

When it comes to common flower tats then lotus tattoo normally gets the top position. These tattoos symbolize knowledge, understanding, enlightenment, and life. In reality, this tattoo has very deep meaning. The people who seek for knowledge and information that can lighten up their life path normally opt for this tattoo design. When a woman gets this tattoo on her ankle then she definitely wants to represent how real knowledge of life let her to step forward to right direction.

lotus tattoo on ankle

purple lotus flower tattoo ankle

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

You are able to explore tons of interesting ideas of cherry blossom tattoos in Japanese tattooing art. Many times, you see a tattoo where falling petals of this flower are carried by the wind. In Japanese culture, this flower tattoo represents mortality of life. Delicate and very beautiful cherry blossom flower never remains on the tree forever since the blossoms are blown away from the trees by the wind. Beauty of flower fades quickly with time. According to Japanese people, this tattoo is a metaphor for life that shows clearly that nothing is forever. They normally call it “Mono no aware” or “empathy towards things”. Another meaning of this flower tattoo could be “sensitivity toward ephemera”. Among all tattoos designs, cherry blossom can be considered as small flower tattoo.

ankle cherry blossom tattoo

cherry blossom ankle tattoo

Chrysanthemum or Mum Tattoos

Another popular flower tattoo of Japanese tattooing art is chrysanthemum or mum tattoo. The meaning of mum flower tattoo is perfection, deity, happiness, longevity, and joy. In China, this tattoo design means simplicity and perfection. This flower blooms in autumn, so it also represents a transition from life to death. In China culture, people give this flower to their friends for congratulation, good will and best wishes.

Rose Tattoos on ankle

It is among the most popular flower tattoo. Women like to decorate their ankle with different colors of rose tattoos. General meanings of rose tattoos on ankle are love and beauty. However, it is good to know that rose tattoo has very deep meaning and long history in tattooing art. Commonly rose tattoo symbolizes balance, symbolize an undying love, hope, and new beginnings. In case, tattoo artist add stem with thorns in rose tattoo then it gets completely different meanings such as defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

purple rose tattoo on ankle

black rose ankle tattoo

rose red ankle tattoo

blue rose tattoo on ankle

blak rose tattoo on ankle

Peony Tattoos

This flower tattoo is commonly found in Japanese flower tattoo art. This flower is consider as “King of Flowers” in Japan. This tattoo symbolizes elegance and wealth. Generally, you find red color peony flower tattoo but some tattoo artist also come up with colorful variation.

peony flower tattoo on ankle

Orchid Tattoos

Meanings of orchid tattoos on ankle vary from one culture to another. In China, this tattoo symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and refinement. In Japan, orchid flower tattoo represent courage and bravery. In ancient Aztec culture, people believe that orchid tats show power and strength.

orchid tattoos on ankle

orchid flower tattoo ankle

orchid  tattoos on ankle

Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus flower tattoo designs are quite popular among men and women. The meaning of this flower tattoo is gentle in Japanese culture. Old kings and queens of the Hawaiian Islands normally wore hibiscus therefore this flower was associated with rulers. In Hawaiian culture, hibiscus flower tattoo represents royalty, power, and respect.

hibiscus flower tattoo on ankle

hibiscus flower tat on ankle

red hibiscus flower tattoo on ankle

Lily Tattoos on ankle

Lily is a very popular flower worldwide. Lily flower tattoo has different meanings in different cultures. In Greece, it is believed that lily the Madonna lily ( a white lily native to Greece) sprang from the milk of Hera, Queen of Gods. Therefore, lily flower tats represent the Divine Feminine. Common meanings of this tattoo are virtue, perfection, and purity.

lily tattoos on ankle

blue lily flower tattoo on ankle

Poppy Tattoos idea

Although poppy flower grow in wide areas of world but meanings of its tattoo designs are quite limited. In the Greek and Roman tradition, this flower represents death in the form of eternal sleep. Common means of this poppy flower tattoos on ankle are sleep and peace. In modern world, people opt for poppy flower in the memory of those who died in the war.

tattoo poppy flower on ankle

ankle poppy flower tattoo

poppy  tattoos on ankle

poppy flower tattoo on ankle

Dogwood Flower Tattoo

Common meaning of dogwood tattoos on ankle or any other part of the body is  “love undiminished by adversity”.In simple words, a person who wear this tattoo wants to show that his love can withstand anything. A traditional meaning of this flower tattoo is pity or empathy. This meaning has a direct connection with Christian folklore. According to this story, once upon a time dogwood was a large tree that was choosen to make the cross on which Jesus could crucified. The dogwood didn’t like this to happen and felt empathy for Jesus. God rewarded Dogwood tree as a reward, so it couldn’t be used for cruel act. Now this tree grows small flowers. Other common meanings of dogwood tattoos are rejuvenation and rebirth.

tattoos of dogwood flower on ankle

dogwood flower tattos for ankle ideas

dogwood flower tattoo on ankle

Amaryllis Tattoos on ankle

Normally, these flowers are given for recognizing a very good job. The meaning of amaryllis tattoos is success that is achieved after great struggle and hard work.

amaryllis tattoo on ankle

Pansy Flower tattoo meanings and ideas

Pansies have been used as flower of remembrance. The people who want to keep memory of their loved ones who are no longer on the physical place normally opt for pansy tattoos on ankle. People get tattoos of this flower just to remember the fond memories and kindness of someone very special who have passed away. Other common meanings of this tattoo design are togetherness and union.

pansy flower tatto on ankle

pansy  tattoos on ankle

Camellia Flower Meanings

Camellia is indeed one of the cutest flower on the earth. Due to its delicate and round curvy petals, camellia flower tattoo represents a deep longing in your heart for someone very special for you. It symbolizes desire, passion, and refinement. Other meanings associated with this flower tattoo are perfection and excellence.

camellia flower tattoo on ankle

Daffodil tattoos on ankle

These flowers bloom in the spring and bring color of life for all of us. The meanings of daffodil tattoos designs are faith, honesty, truth, forgiveness, and forthrightness. People give daffodil flower to other as a token of appreciation or forgiveness.

daffodil flower tattoo on ankle

Sunflower tattoos ideas

Sunflower move its massive head to meet the sun and this movement makes them a flower with spiritual flexibility and attainment. Tattoos of sunflower mean good luck, wealth and ambition. People who want to embrace new opportunities often like to drop ink of sunflower tattoo.

sun flower tattoo on ankle

sunflower tattoo on ankle

 Tulip Flowers tattoos on ankle

Tulips keep changing their direction just to get the best angle of light just like sunflower therefore tattoos of tulip symbolize opportunity, adjustment, advancement, and aspiration. These tattoos also represent attainment of spiritual awareness. Tulips come every year, so their tattoos also mean resurrection and determination.

tulip flower tattoo on ankle

I’m sure that you have enjoyed this post. Now it’s up to you to pick one flower tattoo that represent a meaning that you wan to show via your tat. Go and select one for you now.

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