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Celtic Cross tattoo is very popular among men and women. Actually, the meaning of this cross tattoo design is quite deep. Therefore, every year thousands of people opt for its design. There are many different meanings associated with Celtic art work that is comprises of knot-work, mazes and spirals. Today, you would be able to discover Celtic cross tattoos men and also get a chance to know meanings of this cross tattoo.

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Celtic Cross History

It is said that Celtic cross was first originated in the 5th century. This was used as a symbol of Celtic faith but it also showed Celtic heritage. This was very popular Pagan symbol used in Celtic communities such as Ireland and Scotland. These days, Celtic cross tattoos men are used to show Christianity and religion. Symbol used in Celtic artwork originated from popular “Book of Kells”. This illuminated book was designed by artistic monks sometime after 500 A.D. Celtic art tattoos are quite popular from that time and they are still in use.

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Symbolic meanings of Celtic Cross tattoos

  • Hope
  • Life
  • Honor
  • Faith
  • Unity
  • Balance
  • Transition
  • Temperance
  • Ascension
  • Navigation

Religion and Celtic Cross tattoo meaning

In Christianity, people give a great value to cross tattoo. The symbol represent meeting place of Divine energies. In some cultures, Cross simply symbolizes God. At the center of cross, you can find a cross section that is the energetic touchstone because all four cosmic powers such as Self, Nature, Wisdom, and God/Goddess concentrated on this point.

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Celtic Cross is a Navigation tool

You may surprise to know that Celtic cross tattoo also used as a navigation tool in three different ways.

Spiritual Navigation

When you feel that you have lost somewhere in your sea of life then Celtic cross would redirect you and your though toward the right direction. You only need to make a cross in your mind and recount 4 arms of cross such as Self, Nature, Wisdom and the Divine. This would be a spirtial mediation that would direct you toward right path of life.

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Cyclical Navigation

Celtic cross tattoo also symbolizes four Celtic fire Festival such as Samhain, Imbolc, Beltain, Lughnasadh. Celtic Communities in Ireland and Scotland usually opt Celtic cross tattoos men just to represent their Celtic tradition and its related activities and festivals.

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Time Navigation

Celtic Cross also symbolizes day and night when you consider horizontal bar of the cross. The circle in the cross tattoo represents earth orb, top half area of horizontal bar shows sunrise and lower a half demonstrate sunset. Vertical cross bar represents past and future. Upper half represents past where you have to look and learn and lower half demonstrates future. In such case, circle of cross would represent sun from where you need to take light for your future.

men back celtic cross tattoo design

 Circle of life and Celtic Cross Tattoo

When you look at Celtic cross, you would see knotwork and spiral that have no start or end. These spirals and lines don’t cross one another. They represents circle of life. It also demonstrates never ending life cycle. Cross is used to represents life and all different paths we take in it.

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Christianity and Celtic Cross tattoos

Celtic cross tattoo is the best way to show your faith in Christianity. It shows your love for go and also tells your strong faith in God. Celtic cross tattoos men are indeed very appropriate tattoo choice.

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In short,Celtic cross tattoos have many different meanings. Every wearer is able to get this tattoo for his own reason or meaning. He can get it to show his faith in god, cycle of life, navigation, or any other meaning. Guys need to discover best designs of Celtic cross tattoos men above, so they can find an appropriate design for themselves.

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