Discover Meanings of 3D Rose Tattoos for Women

3d purple rose tattoo for girls

Rose is indeed a beautiful flower and lovers’ celebration is simply considered incomplete with it. Boyfriend gives red flower to girl friend on Valentine’s Day before he shares his inner feelings. A rose tells inner story of someone’s heart. Obvious meaning of a rose is “delicate beauty or love”. However, different cultures associate different meanings depending on different circumstances and elements. Therefore, it is always good to first understand meaning of rose tattoos and then to drops its ink on your desirable place. Though simple rose tattoo looks great but 3D Rose tattoos look adorable. Let’s dig into the deep meanings of rose tattoo designs.

3d women neck rose tattoo

Rose Depicts Immortal Love

We always hear the love stories where lover give his life for protecting his sweetheart. In mythology, The Greek goddess of love named Aphrodite was normally portrayed with roses adorning her feet, head and neck. Although there are numerous explanation of this depiction yet this association is based on a rose bush, which grew within a pool of blood spilled by her slain lover named Adonis. Rose tattoo depicts immortal love that never dies with death or time.

3d rose bleeding tattoo

3d red rose tattoo design

3d red rose for thigh for women

Positive and Negative meanings of Rose

In tarot, rose is a symbol of balance. It is believed that beauty of this flower is a true expression of promise, hope, new beginnings and hope. Many women go for 3D rose tattoos when they start their new relationship. They make a promise with themselves that they will do anything for their love. A rose with open petal symbolizes hope that one day all worries will be gone and you have happiness and prosperity.

3d black and white tattoo3d grey rose tattoo design.

3D rose tattoo bring negative meanings when they adorn with thorns. A rose with many thorns symbolizes defense, loss and thoughtlessness. Breakup with boyfriend is big problem for women, they normally add thorn to their 3D rose tattoos when their relationship end. They find it unable to think straight and thought they loss everything in life.

3d rose tattoo designs  for foot

3d rose tattoo idea for back women

Different Color of Rose Demonstrates Different Meanings

It is always good for you to understand that every rose doesn’t carry the same message or meaning. When color of rose changes then its meanings also get changed.

3d purple rose tattoo design

Yellow 3D Rose Tattoos Meanings

Yellow rose tattoo is a symbol of happiness and joy. It also demonstrates  protection against envious lovers and a mature love. Women who have spend many years with their darling often opt for this 3D rose tattoo.

3d yellow rose tattoo design

3d yeklow rose tattoo for women

3d White roses tattoo design Meaning

White is a sacred color in many religions. Men give white flower to women for showing some respect. White or grey rose tattoo symbolizes purity, mysticism, and a secret admirer.

3d white rose tattoo design3d white rose tattoo designs3d white rose tattoos for girls

3D Red rose Tattoo Meaning

Generally,meaning of red rose is romance and passionate love. When a boy gives a girl red flower then it simply means he has fallen in love with her and want a relation. However, 3D red rose tattoos also has some other meaning such as sacrifice or memorial.

3d rose red tattoo for girls

3d red rose tattoo design


3d rose tattoo for shoulder women

Pink rose Tattoo Meaning

Pink is a color associated for newborn cute babies. Pink rose tattoo is a true demonstration of healing, first love, and innocence.

3d pink rose tattoo design

3d pink rose for hand

3d pink rose tattoo for arm

3d pink rose tattoo for arm

Blue rose Tattoo Meaning

Woman often meet with a person who is hard to discover and it’s quite hard for her to know what he wants actually. She feels many times that it is impossible to know him. In such case, women try blue rose tattoo since it implies for unattainable or the impossible.

3d blue rose tattoos

3d blue rose tattoos for women

3d blue rose tattoo

Black rose Tattoo meanings

Generally, it is considered that black rose tattoos are symbol of death and farewell. However, it’s not always true because many women try to give a message of “memorial” through it.

3D black rose tattoo design

3d black rose tattoos3d black and white rose tattoo for foot

Purple Rose Tattoo Meanings 

This is among the rare and cute 3D rose tattoos. This tattoo gives meaning enchantment and  love at first sight. So, when you fall in love at your first sight with someone really magical then surely you can go for this cute and stylish purple rose tattoo design.

3d purple rose tattoo for girls

3D purple rose tattoo for women3d purple rose tattoos

Rose Tattoo and Memorial

There are many girls who drop ink of rose tattoo in the memory of someone who is really special for them. Commonly, girls get rose tattoo when her boyfriend, mother, father, or grand parents died. Black rose tattoo is normally being associated for memorial. Whenever they see the tattoo they remember the love and affection of those who have passed away. Black and white 3D Rose tattoo designs are usually being chosen for this purpose. In case you have lost someone who was very special for you then you can drop rose ink in his memorial.

3d rose black tattoo

3d rose tattoo for women

It is important to know meanings of rose tattoos before you pick one. In case you don’t know meaning and pick one rose tattoo design blindly then there is a possibility that your tattoo depicts an undesirable meaning. Be ration, get info first and then pick one right tattoo among 3D rose tattoos design.

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