Discover Cool Meanings and Ideas of Half Moon Tattoos For girls

half moon and black cat tattoo

Planning to get a new and cute tattoo? I think you should consider half moon or crescent moon tattoo. This tattoo design is a good idea for those who follow waxing and waning of the moon. There are also some people who worship goddess while paying homage to the stars and astrology. Though guys can also get moon tattoo design but basically this tattoo is perfect for girls. We all know that moon doesn’t have its own shinning and it takes the light from sun. So, sometimes people like to combine moon tattoo with that of sun.

back moon tattoos for girls

If we talk about moon then it is believed that it has vast energy and it can easily encircles you and become the main reason for changing in your moon. It is also believed that the moon is so powerful that it can make you made or lunatic. It may also offer comfort to women during changing phases of their menstrual cycles. Crescent moons or half moon tattoos normally represent birth cylces, fertility and sometimes womanhood.


Connection between Cancer Sign and Half Moon Tattoos

If your zodiac sign is Cancer then you will surely have a connection with moon. Cancer the Crab is moon child who is ruled by moon. The pulling and force of the lunar cycle will surely have big impact on your mood swing. If you drop ink of half moon tattoo then it will represent your connection with moon and let you celebrate this magical and universal union in a trendy way.


Meanings of Half Moon Tattoos

If we dig into the history of moon then meaning of it tattoo will be protection of child, childbirth, passage of time, life cycle from birth to death,etc. In case you are looking for some dark or Gothic style tattoo for yourself then you can opt for full moon tattoo. Even the people who are inspired from vampires stories can try this tattoo.

half moon and black cat tattoo

Here are common symbolic meanings of Moon tattoos

  • Magic
  • Purity
  • Dreams
  • Shadow
  • Mystery
  • Influence
  • Eternity
  • Fertility
  • Intuition
  • Mysticism
  • Sensuality
  • Cycles/Time
  • Divine Light
  • Subtle Energy
  • Feminine Power
  • Subtle Strength

quote and half moon tattoosalf

Half Moon and Female Connection

It is good to know that moon is a female symbol because of its association with the Goddess Isis. The shape of moon is exactly similar with natural curve of woman’s breast and body. It is believed that half moon tattoos have a connection to birth and menstrual cycle.

half moon tattoo ankleIslamic Symbol

Many times, you see that a half moon tattoo is combined with a small star, which is an Islamic symbol, which is well know all over the globe. However, some girls like to add charm into their half moon tattoos by adding multiple stars. At this time, this tattoo will not represent an Islamic symbol.

half moon tattoo on footback tattoo of half moon

5 Cool Ideas of Half Moon Tattoo for Girls

Here are 5 amazing ideas that a girl can try while getting this tattoo design.

1.Make an anklet and insert half moon in it

half moon tattoo on ankle


2.Write an inspirational quote below a moon tattoo

half moon tattoo and quote

3.Half moon and butterfly for a feminine touch

half moon and butterfly tattoo

4.Half moon and cute cat tattoo

half moon and cat design

5.Make a combo of half moon and sun tattoo

half moon and sun tattoo design


Where to Drop ink of Half Moon Tattoos?

If you need suggestion where to place your cute and little half moon tat then you should consider set it on your ankle, back, shoulder, neck, finger, etc. When you place it somewhere else on your body then it becomes invisible and unnoticeable.

back tattoo of half moonankle half moon and sun tattoofoot tattoo of half moonwrist tattoo of half moon

Finally, you have explored meanings and ideas of half moon tattoos. So, now you are free to pick any of these ideas and try it whenever you have some free time for grabbing magical moon force into your body.

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