Dig into Meanings and Design Ideas of Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo rays designs

Sun tattoo is one of the mainstream tattoos all over the globe. This tattoo is worn by both men and women. We all know life isn’t possible without sun, so sun is a powerful and very meaningful symbol.Though sun tattoo can be worn alone but its meanings enhanced when you get it with a moon tattoo. Today, I would make it easy for you to discover meanings, history and design ideas of sun and moon tattoos.

History of Sun and its Tattoo designs

If you look back into the ancient times then you come to know that many cultures had close association with sun. In almost all cultures, sun represents life and giving. It is indeed the highest regarded symbol all across the globe. The meaning of sun tattoo design would be human life or life in general on earth.

old sun tattoo design ideasancient sun tattoo idea

Symbol of sun is used in the Ancient civilization for demonstrating vitality, fertility and everything that is associated with life. Sun makes life possible not only for human beings but all other living things, without it life can’t grow. It provides energy, life , heat and light that every living thing needs.

old sun tattoo design

According to Native American, sun is a guardian of the day.They also believed that sun has strong power of healing..In Ancient Egyptians, Sun was the sign for “Ra”-Sun god.

polynesian sun tattoo design

In some cultures sun is a sacred symbol and many civilizations even worshiped the sun and considered it a god. Greeks, Roman and Egyptians are some popular cultures who have this belief.According to Inca Indians, sun was viewed as “divine ancestor the nation”. In Zia Indians, sun is a sacred symbol. They would normally paint sun on their ceremonial vases.

sun tattoo design ancientaztec sun tattoo idea

Popular Ancient Sun tattoo design

An ancient design of sun tattoo is one that has a sun in circle with a point in middle. This design is always used in astrology and astronomy.

ancient sun tattoos

Another popular design of sun tattoo is solar wheel and sun cross. The design features a circle with a cross in the middle center. The cross has equal sides. This design is quite popular in the Middle East.

solar wheel and sun cross tatto

Christianity & Sun and Moon Tattoo design

In Christianity, sun represents life, power, energy, force, rebirth and strength. They said that sun symbolizes Christ and his many attributes. Sun and moon are normally associated in this religion.

girls sun tattoo design

sun tattoo design for girls

Styles and Designs of Sun Tattoos

There are literally many different kinds of sun tattoo design such as black sun tattoo, Celtic sun tattoo and Tribal sun.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Meaning

Tribal sun tats design are quite popular in Japan, China and Hindu. This tattoo emphasizes on the partnership of life and the sun. It also demonstrates leadership, strength, creativity and light.

tribal sun tattoos

tribal design of sun tattoo

tribal sun tattoos

black sun tattoo


Celtic Sun tattoo

It is another very popular tattoo design among men and women. This tattoo symbolizes healing, fertility, and the source of life. In Celtic mythology, sun had a great association with a number of their gods. In that mythology, sun tattoo represents heat and medicine.

celtic sun tattoos men

celtic sun tattoo ideas

celtic sun tattoo mean

sun tattoo for girls

Black Sun Tattoo

Another common tattoo is black sun. This tattoo means the beginning of something new or the ending of something old. It is also believed that this tattoo shows rebirth. This sun is also associated with day to night or dusk with dawn.

black sun tattoo design

black sun tattoo design

black sun tattoo mean

Sun Tattoo Common Meaning: Truth and Light

It is good to know that people opt for sun tattoo since it also means truth and light. People believed that sun gives light to the world and end darkness. Therefore, the people who went through hard times usually get this tattoo to represents that time. It is a sign of trouble past that have changed due to something good. People get this tattoo to keep one thing is one mind that they can get over any bad thing or problem. They can shine through the problem or hard time just to see a bright day ahead.

sun tattoo rays designsred suin tattoo design

Best Friend or Helper Tattoo

It is good to know that sun tattoo also represents the fact that you or someone else shined light into the life. In case you best friend helped you to get out of trouble then you can surely get this tattoo to remember the time when you were in hard time and he brought you out. It could be a symbol of appreciation for someone who helped you.

neck sun tattoo for girls

sun tattos for men

A list of Sun Tattoos Meanings

Let’s have a look at different meanings associated with sun tattoo design.

  • Sexual Fertility
  • Authority
  • Dusk and Dawn
  • New Life
  • Knowledge
  • Dignity
  • Eternal Renewal
  • Leadership
  • Healing
  • Curing
  • Everything good
  • Hard time passed

Now you have explored meanings and design ideas of Sun tattoos. If you want to demonstrate any of these meanings via a tattoo then no doubt, sun would be a great symbol to use for.


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