Define your Eyes with Brown Smoky Eye Makeup

simple brown smoky eyes makeup

The girls who love to wear chic makeup must opt for brown smoky eye makeup. This makeup enhances every angle of your eyes to a great extent. There is a need to smudge brown and black shades in a right manner just to get the perfect hot look. It is advisable to give a try to this kind of makeup on some special occasions and formal parties. A birthday party of friend is a right event to start with this chic eye look. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind whenever you want to get smoky eye makeup.

mila kunis brown smoky eyes

Choose Good Brown Shade

When you open your eye-shadow kit then you can find many brown colors. There is generally three main level of shades: dark, medium and light. You should go for a medium brown shade that is neither too dark nor too light. As you are going to couple brown with black, so no need to pick very dark brown shade.

brown smoky eyes makeup for girlsdark brown smoky eyes

Smudge Brown Shade Gently

It is a fact that many girls find it hard to handle black eye shadow, since it’s somehow hard to blend this shade in a right manner. In case you have just taken an entry into makeup world but still want to try something really big then you should combine brown eye shadows with black one. This combination is easy to handle with. Blending of brown eye-shadow is quite easy, this isn’t a challenging job.

brown smokey eyes makeupbrown and black smoky eyes

Add some Flair to your Brown Smoky Eyes

The girls are free to add flair to brown smoky eye makeup by replacing single matte eye shadow with glittery one. However, there is no need to overdo the glittery shade otherwise you won’t be able to get desirable look. Don’t focus completely on glittery shades, make a balanced use of matte with glittery eye-shadow.

brownish black smoky eyes makeupget brown smoky eyessmoky makeup of eyes

Blend Black Shades Smoothly

Corner of your upper and lower eye-lid must have black eye-shadow, because without black shade you are unable to get perfect smoky eye makeup. The big and real job in getting smokey eyes is to smudge the shade as smoothly as possible. You need to right eye shade applicator. Nevertheless, I would also suggest you to rely on Q-tip, since it lets you to get perfect finishing.

stunning brown smoky eyes makeupsimple brown smoky eyes makeup

Always Apply Black Eyeliner

Another important thing in the makeup is the liner application. Some girls think that they need to use brown eyeliner and eye pencil for this kind of makeup. Well, no matter what shade of smoky eyes you choose, you always need to apply black eyeliner. The grace of smoky eyes somehow depends on black dark eyeliner.

dark brown smoky eyes for girlsbrown smoky makeup for blue eyes

Pick your Favorite Mascara Shade

Although you need to rely always on black eyeliner but you can surely go for brown eye mascara just to give a startling complement to brown smokey eye makeup. Although black mascara looks wonderful yet brown mascara also adds grace into your defined eyes.

brownish black smoky eyes makeupgirls smoky eyes makeup

Combine Brown with Golden

The girls who want something really amazing can surely go and blend Brown shades with golden. This combination brings a fascinating outcome in the form of shiny brown smoky makeup.

brown gold smoky eye makeupdefined smoky eyes makeup

Keep these tips in mind and defined the beauty of your eyes with glamorous brown smoky makeup.


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