David Beckham Jay Z Lyrics Tattoo is his Latest ink of 2014

dream big, be unrealistic tattoo of David beckham

David Beckham is a family man who loves every member of his family. He got many tattoos just to show his love to Victoria Beckham, his beloved wife. His love for kids is also has some representation in the form of his kids name tattoo on his back. In 2014, we get a chance to see another deep meaning tattoo of David Beckham “Dream Big, Be Unrealistic” Well, this Jay Z Lyrics tattoo is quite meaningful for David but if other people will try the same tat then meanings remain the same. We should dream big, no matter we are realistic in our dreaming or not.

david beckham jay z lyrics tattoo


At this point, it is hard to understand what David Beckham is still Dreaming off since he has many millions of pounds, George family and very strong genetic prowes. But every person has some dream that seems very big and unrealistic. Though David Beckham is a celebrity but surely he would have his own big dreams.

dream big, be unrealistic tattoo of David beckham

David Beckham Jay Z lyrics tattoo is quite inspirational.  He might need some power and energy from this tattoo for his “Real Big Dream”. We don’t know what exactly that big dream is but we know that David would be working hard for making his dream come true.

david beckham hand tattoo

Let’s have a close look at David Beckham Jay Z Lyrics  tattoo “Dream Big, Be Unrealistic”. This tattoo has a good blend with her sleeve tattoos on which he is working for many years. He devoted his sleeve for his life and wife , Victoria. His sleeves tattoos are all about Victorial Beckham. Every tattoo of David Beckham has very deep or sentimental meanings. Go and  explore more tattoos of David Beckham.

What do you say about this new inspirational tattoo design of David Beckham? Would you like to emulate it?

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