Cute Bunny and Monkey Face Nail art Tutorial

monkey face nail art designs

It’s always fun to create animal face nail art designs. Some girls think that only an expert can make this kind of nail art while it’s not really true. If you have some free time and a good guide then you don’t need to contact any expert. You are able to make these designs own your own whenever you like. Today,I’m here to give you a chance to try two animal face nail art designs. You are able to explore bunny and monkey face nail art step-by-step guide below. I’m sure once you check this guide, it won’t be hard for you to design either a bunny or monkey face on your nail in a matter of seconds. Let’s begin our creative nail art work.

Cute Bunny Face Nail art Tutorial

Before you draw monkey face on your nail, I suggest you to draw it two to three times on a paper. If you do a little practice, you would be able to make perfect face on your nail; without wasting your time and nail polish.

Things you Need:

  • Nail Polish: White, Pink, Shocking Pink and Black
  • Top Coat
  • Nail art brush
  • Nail art Dotter (tool)

bunny face nail art designs

Steps for Making Bunny Face Nail art Designs

You need to follow six simple and easy steps for getting this designs on your nails.

Step No.1 Apply light pink nail polish on your nail and let it dry.

Step No.2 Take white nail polish and make a round face over pink nail polish on the tip of nail.

Step No.3 Dip nail art brush into white nail polish and draw two ears of your sweet bunny.

Step No.4 Fill the gap of ear with shocking pink nail polish.

Step No.5  It’s time to make a small nose with shocking pink nail polish on the round white face of bunny.

Step No.6 Pick nail art dotter and dip it into black nail polish. Now make two dots on the bunny face. These dots are eyes of your cute bunny. Don’t forget to enhance the look of this animal nail art design with top coat.

Hurrah! you have made cute bunny face nail art in just five minutes.

Naught Monkey Face nail art Tutorial

Kids love to play with naughty monkey who always get attracted toward you, if you have banana in your hand. When you think of making monkey face nail art, you think it is gonna be very complex. In reality, it is very simple and easy. You only need to follow easy nail art guides.

Things you need:

  • Nail Polish : Dark Brown, Beaver shade, white and black
  • Nail art dotter
  • Nail art brush
  • Top coat
  • Base coat

monkey face nail art designs

Steps for Making Monkey Face Nail art Design

In order to get a monkey face on your nails, you need to follow 9 steps.

Step no.1 Apply base coat on your nail.

Step No.2 Apply beaver shade (brown tone) on your nails.

Step No.3 Take nail art brush, dip it into dark brown nail polish and then make apply it 2/3 area of nail leaving base beaver shade uncovered.

Step No.4 Take nail art brush, dip into into beaver nail polish and then cover half area of dark brown nail polish.

Step No.5 Make ears of your naughty monkey by dipping nail art brush into dark brown nail polish.

Step No.6 Now dip brush into beaver nail polish and fill the ears of monkey.

Step No.7 It’s time to make eyes of your cute monkey. For this purpose, you need to take dotter and dip it into white nail polish. Now draw two close circles on dark brown area of your nail.

Step No.8 Once white nail polish gets dry. Now dip nail art dotter into black nail polish and make the eyes and nose of monkey face.

Step No. 9 You can make monkey face at one nail and try simple nail art on remaining nails. For this purpose, you need to cover apply dark brown color on each nail and then filled the tip of each nail with beaver nail polish. Don’t forget to give this nail art a nice finish with top coat nail polish.

Voila! you have finally created monkey face nail art designs in just 5-10 minutes.

Now you have two easy guides of making monkey or bunny face nail art. I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you to make these designs at home. You just need to get nail polish, nail art tools and brushes. After that, you are free to try any of these nail art designs. Go and try them now.

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