Cool Breast Cancer Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

breast cancer tattoo design

Every year, thousands of women get affected by breast cancer all around the globe. October is breast cancer awareness month. Many women get pink ribbon breast cancer tattoo on their bodies in October just to increase awareness of this cancer among other women. Actually, pink ribbon is an international symbol for breast cancer and during month of October Millions of people wears pink ribbons or get ink of breast cancer pink ribbon tattoos to enhance awareness among general public regarding breast cancer.

wings with breast cancer pink ribbon

Breast Cancer Tattoo As a Permanent Awareness Strategy

Instead of wearing pink bands for awareness only in one month, many people prefer to drop ink of pink ribbon breast cancer tattoo designs on their body. Actually, they want to create permanent awareness among the general public. These tattoos are worn by not only men but also women. The people who get tattoos just to aware the general public are indeed doing a great job because they are giving them a chance to get rid of this deadly disease, that completely ruins the life and lifestyle of patient.

breast cancer tattooback breast cancer tattoodoll and breast cancer tattoosbreast cancer band tatto on arm

Meanings of Breast Cancer Tattoos

Here are common meanings associated with these tattoos

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Love
  • Survivor
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Remembrance

hope and breast cancer tattoobelieve and breast cancer tattoobreast cancer tattoo message

Why People get Breast  Cancer Tattoos? Common Reasons

There are three common reason behind getting breast cancer ribbon tattoos.


Many people get pink ribbon ink on their bodies in the memory of someone very special who died due to breast cancer. Commonly, kids get cancer tattoos just to remember their moms. They not only get pink ribbon but also mention the date when they lost their mothers. No doubt, memorial cancer tattoos are quite heart-touching. Whenever wearer sees this tattoo, he remembers the day when he lost the most important and special personality of his life.

memorial breast cancer tattoostattoos of breast cancer


As I told you earlier, many people get breast cancer ribbon tattoo designs because they want to educate the people about this deadly disease. They try their best to tell the people what are signs and symptoms of this cancer and how to get rid of it. Their main purpose is to educate people as early as they can, so no one can undergo this problem at any time.

heart and breast cancer tattooswomen breast cancer tattoo on anklebreast cancer tatoo with wingsbreast cancer tattoo design

For Hope or Fight

Patient of breast cancer also like to get pink ribbon tattoo along with some inspirational quote or words. Some common words are “Love”, “Hope”, “Believe”, “Faith”, etc. The main purpose of these words is to enhance courage so that patient can fight well with her disease.

hope word with breast cancer tattoosbreast cancer tattoo with hope

After Survival

Most commonly, a pink ribbon breast cancer tattoo with word “Survivor” is obtained by a patient who have got cure from the disease. She is indeed a survivor because she had to fight well with this disease. This kind of tattoo normally increases will power and courage of other patient of breast cancers. This tattoo is simply “light of hope” for them. They realize that if they fight well then they would be among the survivors.

breast cancer tattoo and butterfly

Common Variation of Breast Cancer Tattoos Designs

Normally, people get simple pink ribbon tattoo but you are able to find great variations of breast cancer ribbon tattoos.

Tattoos with Inspirational Quotes

Some people write quote beside the tattoo. The basic purpose of these quotes is to portray some encourage message to the patient or survivors. Some people write their name beside the tattoos. It’s not hard to get the inspirational quotes online, only there is a need of search the web.

inspirational quote and breast cancer tattoobreast cancer tattoo with namesbreast cancer pink ribbon tattoo

Breast cancer tattoo with animal or bird

Another common variation of cancer tattoo design is its appearance with animals or birds. Commonly, girls like to design butterfly tattoo along with pink ribbon of breast cancer. Butterfly tattoo symbolize transformation and new birth. So, the main purpose of combining breast cancer pink ribbon tattoo with butterfly is to encourage a patient to fight with her disease as much as she can just for a new life that will not have any pain and stress. You can also see a pink ribbon tattoo along with Butterflies, doves, and swallows.

breast cancer tattoo and butterflybrest cancer tattoo with butterfly

Breast Cancer Tattoo with Flowers

Some girls like to design their tattoos of breast cancer in a remarkable manner, so they get this tattoo along with their favorite flowers such as rose, tulip, sun flower, or any other. Flower symbolizes love, so sometimes people who are getting memorial breast cancer tattoo combine their tats with flowers. Actually, they want to show their love for a person whom they have lost due to this disease.

breast cancer tattoo with blue rose

flower and breast cancer tattoos

There is no need to get a tattoo in a rush. You need to explore complete meanings and ideas of breast cancer tattoos and then to pick one tattoo that portray true message and meaning.

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