Comfortable and Chic Christian Dior Ballet Flats Fall Winter 2014-15

dior red ballet shoes 2014-15

If you need some elegant and comfortable ballet flats this year then you must have to explore very cool Christian Dior Ballet flats which are a part of its shoes collection for fall winter 2014-15. Normally, women needs a ballet flat that offer them comfort an ease all day long.So, it is Christian Dior that designed their fall/winter 2015 ballet flats with only 2 cm heels. That’s mean you won’t feel any kind of pressure on your feet. The beauty of your feet normally affected when you wear high heels for long. This cute little heels of Christian Dior Ballet flats are quite soft and supple for your beautiful feet.=dior blue ballet flats 2015

dior blue ballet flats 2014

Christian Dior Ballet Flats Fall Winter 2014-15

The good thing about the latest flats collection of Dior is that designers chose the best design and colors. Black seems suitable all the time, you can wear it with any outfit. Sometimes, you need very bold color to wear with your trendy outfit at this time, you may like to get Vermillon Christian Dior flats. Cobalt blue is another wonderful color for winter, since most of winter and fall clothing has blue in it.


dior black flats fall winter 2014

black ballet flats fall winter 2014-15 dior

Christian Dior Ballet Flats Fall winter 2014-15 collection have made of suede Calf skin. The beauty appeal of ballet flats for women has been enhanced with a houndstooth check motif. Check is a perfect design for classy ballet shoes.

dior red ballet shoes 2014-15dior red ballet shoes 2014

Would you like to buy these amazing slightly pointed ballet shoes of Christian Dior? What color of this collection you like the most? Don’t forget to share with us.


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