Christmas Tree : Step By Step Easy Nail Art For Kids

Christmas easy nail art for kids

Kids like to take part in creative work. Today, I decided to give little kids a creative nail art task. They might have drawn Christmas tree on paper many times but my task is to draw Christmas tree on nails. Good thing is that it is very easy nail art for kids. You don’t need to put much effort on it. Kids have to follow only six simple steps for getting this kind of nail art design. Check below complete guide.

Christmas simple nail art for kids

What Do you need for Christmas tree easy nail art?

You must have following things before you proceed with this Christmas nail art design.

  • Nail polish: White, Red, Green, blue
  • Dry glitter
  • Little flower nail art accessory
  • match stick

How to create Christmas Tree Easy nail art?

Here are six steps that you must follow.

Step No.1

Apply white nail polish on each nail.

Step No.2

Now take green nail polish and make the base of tree as shown in the picture.

Step No.3

Start drawing Christmas tree. You should be careful, don’t apply nail polish at sides. Your task is to make tree in the middle of each nail.

Step No.4

You need to make triangle with green nail polish and it is what the shape of Christmas tree is.

Step No.5

Once your Christmas tree is ready then next part of nail art design is its decoration. Take a match stick and dip it into red nail polish. Now draw three dots into your tree. Also make dots with yellow and blue nail polishes.

Step No.6

Drop a little dry glitter on wet nail polish, so it can stick with the three. Use nail glue and fix little flower nail accessory at the top of your Christmas tree.

I’m sure it would be fun for kids to create Christmas tree by following these simple step of easy nail art.

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