Christmas Tree Easy Nail art Step by step

silver red christmas tree nail art tutorial

We all love to decorate Christmas tree in a beautiful manner. But did you ever think of making a Christmas tree nail art? If not, then it is time to start thinking on it. It’s not really hard to make a Christmas tree on your nail. You only have to follow a simple guide for getting this manicure. You don’t need any person help, you can make a stunning design own your own.

christmas tree manicure tutorial

Things you will need

Here are some essential things for this nail art design.

  • Nail polish: Red and Silver
  • Top Coat
  • Scissor
  • Scotch or paper tape

Tutorial for Christmas Tree Easy nail art

Here are five easy steps that would make it easy for you to make a perfect Christmas tree on your nails.

silver red christmas tree nail art tutorial

Step No.1 Apply red glittery nail polish,let it dry. Now seal your base polish with top coat.

Step No.2 Take a stripe from your paper or scotch tape. You have to start making thin strips of it.You need two long stripes and four short stripes.

Step No.3 Set two long stripes as V-shape on your red nail polish. You have to paste this tape on your nails.

Step No.4 Now it’s time to set the corners of four small tape stripes on your nails in such a way that you get Christmas tree shapes via a tape.Now you have to get silver grey nail polish and apply it on your nail.

Step No.5 Once your silver nail polish gets dried, you have to remove stripes of your tape and end result would be a glossy Christmas tree. You need to apply top coat for getting glossy manicure finish.

This Christmas Tree easy nail art design would hardly take your 10-15 minutes. Your friends would get impress from your artistic skills when they look at your nails.

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