Christmas Tree and Candy Easy nail art Step-by-Step Guide

Christmas candy and tree nail art

Want to be a little creative this Christmas? I think you should give your best try to Christmas Tree and Candy Easy nail art. This nail art design looks very cool and makes this event quite auspicious for you. You would surely need a guide for a Christmas nail art, so let’s start uncovering this guide.

christmas easy nail art designs

Thing You’ll need

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissor
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish: Red, white, green, silver and Yellow

Step by Step Guide of Christmas Tree and Candy Easy nail art design

You have to follow 6 important steps.

Step No.1 Make sure you have all require things.

Step No.2 Apply white nail polish on all nail except one on which you have to apply silver nail polish. Let your nail polish dry.

Step No.3 Take a scissor and scotch tapes and cut very large and thin stripes. Fix three stripes on each of four nails diagonally. You also have to fix stripes of tape on one nail in a way that you can make a tree.

Step No.4 Apply white red nail polish on four nails over stripes. Once nail polish get dried, you have to remove the stripes. On one nail, you have to apply dark green nail polish. Let this polish dry and then remove tape stripe.

Step No.5 Take a led pencil and dip it into a yellow nail polish. It would do the work of a dotter.

Step No.6 Make dots on green Christmas tree with this led pencil. Seal this fabulous nail art design with top coat.

Amazing! You have finally created an eye-catching Christmas Tree and Candy easy nail art design. Try it at home and share your experience with us.

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