Christmas Santa Belt Easy nail art Step by Step Tutorial

easy christmas santa nail art

This year, it is good for the girls to be extra creative about their nail art design. Instead of making traditional Christmas candy cane nail art, you have to try something really different and amazing. So, go and create Santa suit belt on your nails. The idea seems to be complex but interesting thing is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort on this kind of manicure. It is one of the best easy nail art designs for Christmas. So, don’t look here and there and give it your good try.

Christmas santa nail art tutorial

Things you will need

Here is a list of things needed for making Christmas Santa Belt Easy nail art.

  • Nail polish: Black, white, golden and red
  • Nail art brush

Christmas Santa Belt Easy nail art Tutorial

You have to follow 4 simple steps for making perfect looking Christmas theme manicure.

easy christmas santa nail art

Step No.1 Apply red polish as the base. It happens many times that when you apply a nail polish then it spread in your nail sides. There is no need to start removing the polish immediately. You should first do your manicure and then at the end you can start cleanup operation with nail polish remover.

Step No.2 Apply White nail polish in T-Style on your nails. It is good to use a thin nail art brush because it would be hard for your to make white T with nail polish brush. Let your white nail polish dry.

Step No.3 Apply black nail polish on the middle of white polish. Check the image for clear idea.

Step No.4 Pick a nail art brush, or a match stick. Dip it into golden nail polish and make a square box inside which you need to Santa’s belt hook. Seal this wonderful Christmas nail art design with top coat.

Voila! You have created complex looking nail art in just 10 minutes. I’m sure you would like to give a try to Christmas Santa Belt Easy nail art design.

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