Chanel Shoes: Exceptional Pieces in Fall Winter 2014-15 Collection

chanel unique shoes fall winter 2014-15

As we all know, Chanel designers have always something unusual for those who like uniqueness. In Fall Winter 2014-15 collection, it also adds three exceptional pieces. It is time to discover them.

chanel unique shoes fall winter 2014-15

Chanel alligator pumps 2015

This is indeed one of the best designed Chanel shoes with 105mm heels. This high heel shoes can be worn with some special party suit. You can also try it when you are going to attend special friend’s party. The design and colors of pumps are quite exceptional.

chanel alligator pumps 2014

Chanel Alligator flat

Do you need a flat with unique design? It can only be offered you by Chanel designer. This flat seems very cute and you would love to wear it with your casual dressing. It is also good to wear it at home and feel great comfort.

chanel shoes fall winter 2014

Chanel Alligator high boots 2014

One of the remarkable Chanel shoes is the Alligator high boots that brings 90mm heels. If you look at trendy street fashion and style then you may find similar boots in it. Actually, girls like to wear such boots with their mini dress or skirts. You can also try them with your winter shorts.

chanel high boots fall 2014

Do you like to buy exceptional Chanel shoes from Fall/winter 2014-15 collection? Don’t forget to share your comment with us.

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