Celebrity New Tattoo of 2014 “Cara Delevingne Bacon Tattoo”

Cara Delevingne Bacon Tattoo

Cara has a wide collection of awesome tattoos. This beautiful model knows how to stay trendy all the time. She keeps changing her outfit and designs of tattoos.This week, she added a new tattoo in her collection. This time, Cara Delevingne got a BACON tattoo. This tattoo is as amazing as other tattoos of Cara are.

Cara delevingne tattoos 2014
Cara Delevingne Bacon Tattoo picture is available on her Instagram. The meaning of bacon tattoo is very deep just like brave girl Cara who would surely feel while dropping ink of Bacon tattoo on the sole of her foot.

balcon tattoo of Cara Delevingne 2014
Cara Delevingne Bacon tattoo is created by Bang Bang, well-known New York based tattoo artists. The fans of Cara Delevingne tattoos would surely like her new tattoo. Look at her new tattoo and share your comment. Before you start following Cara’s tattoo design, you need to know that you have to bear a lot of pain. You might be unable to go to work very next day as it would be hard to walk for you. Getting tattoo on sole of foot is a good idea for those who can bear pain and consider themselves very courageous.

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