Butch Cut is the Coolest Summer Hairstyle For Men

justin timberlake short butch cut hair

Summer is approaching very fast and men have started thinking about getting short hairstyles. Men opt for short hair in summer because they feel quite comfortable in this haircut. Butch cut seems to be the best option for men. This hairstyle is often worn by celebrities who have busy schedule. Basically, this haircut enhances the comfort level of guy and don’t require much maintenance. One can get ready for a special party after brushing his head a little bit. No styling mousse is required.

men hair cut very short hairstyle

What is Butch Cut?

It is a short hairstyle for men. In this haircut, barber cut short the hair on the top of the head in every possible dimension. Generally, same short length has to be obtained on the top, back and sides of head. Depending on contour of guy’s head, barber either maintain one quarter of an inch or three quarter of an inch length. There is also a variant form of Butch haircut in which barber increase length of hair from back to top just to offer an eye-catching graduating hair look. Sometimes, hairs strands are a bit graduated at the frontal hairline for obtaining a little flip up of the hair at the forehead. The hair below the upper portion of sides and back often cut short or semi-short with the help of a clipper.

men trendy short cut hairshort hairstyle for men

Different names of Butch Cut

Sometimes, it happens that guys visit a hair salon and ask barber to give them a chic butch haircut while he has no idea what they are talking about. So, it’s good to know what other names of this haircut are. This haircut is also named as short brush cut or brush cut. In case barber cut short hair from top less than one quarter then this hairstylealso named as burr. In order to enhance the beauty of this short men hairstyle, hair control wax has been used commonly. This wax is available in the store with the name “Butch wax”

short men hairstyle butch cut

graduating haircut for men


Classic Butch haircut for men

A traditional butch cut hairstyle is one in which every hair is cut uniformly throughout the head with clippers. Usually, barber needs to use number 2 bladde for getting sleek and uniform butch haircut. He should cut the hair equally from sides and back. There should no visible line at the nape otherwise hairstyle won’t be known as brush cut. As I mentioned before, this hairstyle doesn’t require any kind of styling product. However, it is strongly advisable to use good hair conditioner for protecting the scalp and getting a smooth and chic hair look.

burr cut short hairstyle for men

men butch haircut

Brush Cut as a Military Haircut

It is good to know that butch haircut also known as Military haircut because many military personnel used to get this hairstyle. The guys who like war-themed hairstyles often opt for this haircut because they take inspiration from military personnel. Some guys try to impress girls who like soldiers with the mean of this hairstyle.Some guys also go for this short hairstyle because they like when they hair get trapped inside the helmet or clipped into their shirt collar. They want something very easy and simple. No matter what is the reason of getting this hairstyle, guys can shine with this specific cut.

Christian Bale short haircut

Christian Bale

butch haircut military hairstyle

Celebrities with Butch cut

The people who watch action movies know very well that leading hero normally appear with short haircut like crew cut, buzz cut or butch cut. He appears with such cut because he wants to grab attention of his viewer toward his action work and definitely, he also looks super cool and awesome. The celebrities who often appear with butch hairstyle are Will Smith, Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Aaron Paul, etc.

will smith short buzz cut

Will Smith

davic beckham short buz czut hair

David Beckham

channing tatum short men cut hair

justin timberlake shorthair

Justin Timberlake

Aaron paul short butch cut hairstyle

Aaron Paul

How to get Butch/Brush Cut?

When you visit a barber shop, you tell him that you need butch haircut or burr or brush cut. However, you never need to confuse this hairstyle with buzz cut in which all head is shaved for making prominent contour of head too much prominent. Butch haircut is very short hairstyle with flat top hair strands.

men butch cut

butch haircut men

So, if you want to get some comfort this summer then surely you can give a try to butch cut.


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