Best men hairstyles inspiration in 2015 is Ian Somerhalder hairstyles

short hairstyle ian somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder or well known “Damon Salvatore” has no doubt a magical personality. He has trillions of fans all over the globe. TV series “Vampire Diaries” made him famous all over the globe. Currently, sixth season of Vampire Diaries is spreading the spell of Vampire life. When you check the fan list of Ian Somerhalder then you come to know that females are dominant in the list. Reason is that charming and sexy personality of Ian. His performance as “Damon Salvatore” is simply brilliant. Girls wish to go for a date with a man like Ian. So, guys who want to add some magnetic appeal into their personality should take inspiration from Ian Somehalder hairstyles. Let’s explore some really cool hair styles of Damon Salvatore.

ian somerhalder slicked back hairstyle

Curtained Hairstyle of Damon Salvatore

The guys who want to look handsome and cool must follow this particular hairstyle of Ian. Some people when look at this hairstyle doesn’t know what the name of Ian Somerhalder hairstyles. So, it is time to end your confusion. Ian wore Curtained hairstyle, in this hairstyle the hair is parted from the center and then they fell on the side of head like a curtain. Such hairstyle makes Ian look very charming.

ian somerhalder hairstyle name

curtained hairstyle ian somerhalder

curtained hairstyle ian somerhalder


Ian Somherlader hairstyles: Short

These days, Ian appears with medium hair length but it doesn’t mean Ian never wore short. If you guys have short hair length then you can add some charm factor into your persona with the mean of casual or messy short hair. Sometimes, Ian appeared with chic short layers while other times he enhanced the beauty of her face with side swept short bangs. Even he add waves into the hair just to beef up body of his hair.

ian somerhalder short hairstyles

short hairstyles ian somerhalder

side swwpt hairstyles ian

Damon Salvatore Layered hairstyle

In Vampire Diaries, Ian normally wears medium layered haircut. The layers are flipped from the ends on the nape. If you also follow Ian Somerhalder hairstyles then you would also give a try to his layered cut hair. This particular medium hairstyle makes him look like a perfect “Flirty boy”. So, if you need the same look, do the same.

ian somerhalder hairstyles idea

medium wavy hairstyle damon salvatore


medium hairstyles layered ian somerhalder

Messy hairstyles of Ian

If you know Ian then you also know about his frank and easy-to-go behavior. He doesn’t like formalities , so he usually appears with messy short and long hairstyles. It is nor hard to look like Ian Somehalder, you only need to get any short or medium haircut, apply a little gel and do finger combing. Scroll finger in the head and don’t think about any finish or sleek hair appearance. You would be done.

edgy long hairstyles damon salvatroe

cool hairstyles ian somerhalder

ian somerhalder messy hairstyles

Side Slicked hairstyles of Ian Somerhalder

Ian loves to appear with the messy hairstyles but he also magnifies his look with slicked side hairstyles. Professional guy must get inspiration from this hairstyle of Ian. It’s again simple to imitate this look of Damon Salvatore. You only need to apply hair cream and gel. Don’t forget to add some glossy serum for getting end finish to your side slicked hair.

slicked side hairstyles ian somerhalderslicked side hairstyle ian somerhaldershort hairstyle ian somerhalder

Edgy hairstyle of Ian Somerhalder

If you need a bold guy look then you have to follow this particular hairstyle of Ian Somerhalder.He get the razor-sharp edges with his medium and short hair. He doesn’t opt for extra short hair. You hardly see Ian with very short hair. The length is his short hairstyle is normally 4-5 inches. You can easily get some edges if you ask your barber to cut your front and side hairs a little short but again there is no need to opt for very short hair.

side swept fringe ian somerhalder

edgy hairstyles ian somerhalder

damon salvatore hairstyles

edgy hair ian somerhalder

Cool Ian Somerhalder hairstyles: Bangs

No one carry bangs in as stylish way as Ian does. This hairstyle is suitable for guys with medium and short hair. When you guys try this hairstyle, keep one thing in your mind you don’t need to be super formal with bangs. Set the bangs on forehead in a way that it looks that air spread hair on it. Keep the hairstyle simple yet stylish.

ian somerhalder bangs hair

bangs damon salvatore

Guys who will follow Ian Somerhalder hairstyles would surely feel some change into their look. In addition, they would be able to easily attract some cute girls toward them, try once.


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