Always the best “ Purple” makeup for green eyes

green eyes makeup

Girls who want to enhance beauty of their green eyes must know about some colors that looks great on their eye colors. If you want to know about one color that would look the most beautiful or simply perfect on your green eyes then it is none other than purple. This eyeshadow looks quite stunning on any tone of green eyes. No matter you have light or dark green eyes, purple shades would simply make your eyes pop. Let’s explore some great ideas below.

green eyes makeup

Purple pink makeup for green eyes

Mix purple with a little pink for amplify beauty of your green eyes. Prepare your eyes for makeup, it simply means applying foundation on eyelid and covering dark circle with eye concealer. Use light shade as a base and start blending violet color on your eyes. You have to apply a little dark pink shade on your eyes crease and outer eye corner. This seems to be a smashing makeup ideas for green eyes.

eye makeup for green eyes

Double tone purple makeup for green eyes

It’s good to try only purple on your eyes but don’t mind adding some family colors. Use dark purple for upper crease and corner highlights. Light mauve shade would be simply great for inner corner. You need to use a blue eye pencil just to enhance the beauty of your lower eyelid. Apply black matte eyeliner for boosting up this magical makeup. Add a little glitter at the end for making your eyes very attractive.

makeup for green eyes

Purple , Purple everywhere

No need to blend any other shade with purple when your aim is to draw out beauty of your green eyes. You need to use any shade of purple on eyes, blend it smoothly and then finish the look with dark purple eyeliner and you are done with a robust kind of makeup for green eyes.

green eyes makeup ideas

Purple and cooper eye makeup

When you are going to attend a party and want to look a little casual then you should opt for this light dark color combination. Your task is to apply medium purple eyeshadow on eyelid and then to make the crease of eyes simply invisible by applying copper tone eyeshadow. You have to blend this shade in such a way that only its shine appears not the real color. It’s good to apply a color that is two tone lighter than your actual face colors, so its blending looks perfect.

green eyes makeup easy

Girls who want to attract attention of all toward them would surely love to try all-time best purple makeup for green eyes.



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