A guide of Beautiful Short hairstyles for Round Faces

wavy short hair round faces

In case you are searching for short hairstyles for round faces? Then it is right time to call off your search and explore a guide that make it possible for you to choose the best hairstyle that look great on your face shape. Let’s start our discovery of best hairstyles for round faced women.

Short Pixie for Bold Look

If you need an instant change into your appearance then you should consider pixie hairstyle. It is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces. Many celebs with round face opt for this particular hairstyle. There are many advantages of this hairstyle. First of all, it highlights the face roundness in the perfect way. Second thing that made it an optimal choice of women is a bold factor that is inserted into wearer’s personality by this particular hairstyle. Once you have this hairstyle, you can style it in many different ways. Opt for side part, make a fringe, get some punk or try some spikes. It is very easy to set hairstyle, perfectly suitable for working women.

round faces short pixie

Pixie short hairstyles for round faces

round faced women blunt pixie

Perfect Short Pixie hairstyles for round faced women

Celebrity short hairstyles for round facesd

Boyish Pixie of Ema Watson

Short bob hairstyle for Round Faces

Sleek short bob is another great idea that a woman with round face would love to try. The length of bob is normally below chin. The idea is to create an enticing frame around the round face. It is considered as one of the formal short hairstyles for round faces, since many celebs try it on award ceremonies or for a special movie. Some girls like to get fringe with bob. The purpose is to style bob haircut for round face in many different ways. One of the best way to wear bob in a chic manner is to sweep fringe into one side and make prominent another side bob cut.

Round face short bob haircut

Side parted bob haircut for round face

shorty bob hairstyle for round face

Blunt bob and fringe hairstyles for round face

round face bob short

Sleek side swept short bob hairstyle for round faces

Short Wavy Textured hair

If you have short hair and don’t need a cut then you can easily style them in an eye-catching ways by adding bouncy or loose waves into your hair. Beach waves also look wonderful in short hair. However, loose waves are normally considered the best short hairstyles for round faces. Actually, semi circular waves look alike to the face shape, therefore girls who opt for this hairstyle can easily grab attention of people toward them.

black golden highlights wavy hairstyle

Black and golden short wavy hairstyles for round faces

wavy short hair round faces

Retro style short wavy hairstyles for round faces

round face wavy hair

short perfect waves hair style round face

Short Curly hairstyle for round faced women

When we talk of curls then we don’t mean very formal curls, the idea is to get loose curls or a little semi-formal curls. You can use wand or curling iron, though curls can also be made with a flat iron’s barrel. There is only a need to wrap your hair around the barrel in a right way. Loose curls are advisable since tight curls will decrease length of hair and such hairstyle won’t look good on your round face.

round faces short curly

Black natural curly short hairstyles for round faces

round faced woman curly short hair

Tight curls short hairstyle for round faced woman

Shaggy Short hairstyles for Round faces

Need a model-like appearance? Get a shaggy haircut. Though you have to spend some time while hanging the razor sharp edgy strands after this haircut but once you are done with styling, you would surprise to see your beautiful look. You will consider yourself a model or a super-star, for sure.

round faces short bangs

Short shaggy hairstyles for round faces

shaggy short hair round faces

Short blunt shaggy hair for round face

This guide of short hairstyles for round faces is very simple and straightforward. There is no complex styling involve in it just to make your styling process very easy.




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