8 Trendy Haircuts with Bangs 2014

wavy long hair and bangs

Girls who are planning to get new haircut with bangs would surely like to know about latest trendy haircuts, that they can try. Interestingly, there are multiple options to try with bangs. However, girls should pick one haircut that suits perfectly to her personality and style. Normally, girls opt for haircuts with bangs since bangs add cuteness to their facial features. No doubt, overall look of a girl changes to a great extent when she has a fringe along with a trendy haircut. Girls who need to know what are trendy haircut with bangs 2014 should continue reading to explore some great ideas.

bangs with curls hairstyles

1. Short Bob haircuts with Bangs

Summer is at its peak level, so you can surely cut short your hair to feel great comfort and ease. Girls with short hair always say that they can handle routine task with ease then those who have long hair. However, it doesn’t mean to cut short your long beautiful hair just to grab some comfort. Short bob haircut is suitable for women who have thin hair texture or medium hair. Actually, short bob haircut enhances volume of hair and give thin hair women the most attractive voluminous look.

bangs and short bob haircutsbob hairstyle with bangsbob haircut with bangs

2. Layered haircuts 2014

Another haircut that complement bangs in a right way is layered hairstyle. You shouldn’t get layer haircut if you have short hair; instead you can give a try to three-step haircut. Layered haircuts are more prominent for girl with medium or long hair. Girls who have straight natural hair looks more appealing in layered with bangs than those girls who have curly or wavy hair. It doesn’t mean girls with wavy hair can’t give a try to layered haircut, they surely can; but they normally need to rely heavily on hair iron just for getting more defined look.

layered hair with bangsbangs with layered haircutbangs and layered hairstyle

3. Mullet haircut with Bangs

You shouldn’t be surprised to see mullet haircut in the list of trendy haircut with bangs 2014 because Rihanna’s mullet hairstyle pushed her fans to try this unique but trendy hairstyle. Every girl can’t get this hairstyle, only a daring girl can opt for it. Some people say that mullet is a hairstyle with masculine appeal but we all know that Rihanna didn’t care about gender. She only likes to pick a hairstyle that appeals to her the most, no matter what other people are talking about it.

mullet hairstyle with bangs 2014mullet cut with bangs in 2014bangs and mullet haircut

4. Asymmetrical Bob haircut

It is one of the popular haircuts with bangs 2014. Instead of getting a symmetrical hairstyle, they can give a try to asymmetrical haircut. At this point, it is advisable to always contact an expert hairstylist whenever you are going to get this kind of haircut. Actually, a highly skill hairstylist would be capable to use blades in such a way that you get right asymmetry of hair. A newbie may cut your hair in a random way but this hairstyle may affect your facial features, or in another words it might not suit you. Some girls prefer to get not only asymmetrical haircut but also asymmetrical bangs. This is indeed a bob hairstyle to try for.

short bob haircut with bangsasymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs

5. Feather haircuts with Bangs 2014

Another latest haircut that you can try along with bangs is feather. It is one of my favorite haircut since it looks very stylish all the time. Girls who care much about style and fashion can surely consider it. This haircut suits equally to all girls, no matter what hair length they have. Some hairstylists try to give blunt look to girls, so they turn hair into feathers through blades. However, other hairstylist emphasize more on cute and simple appearance, so they use scissors only.

bangs with feathersbang hairstyle with feathersfeather and bang hairstylefeather hairstyle with bangs

6. Pixie haircut with Bangs

This haircut would be suitable for girls with short hair. They can get stylish and bold pixie haircut with simple and cute bangs. This bold and cute combination intensify one’s beauty to a great extent. Girls who have pixie short hair normally opt for side swept or short fringe since it looks great with their short hair strands.

pixie and bangs hairstylesbangs and pixie hairstylevictoria beckham pixie hairstyles

7. Angled Bob Haircut with Bangs 2014

Women who belong to corporate environment setting can surely opt for this formal yet classy haircut with bangs. The best example of Angled bob haircut is given by Victoria Beckham’s graduated bob. This stylish and fashionable celebrity tell the world how to carry stylish and bold bob haircut even in corporate setting. For getting an angled bob, you must have to contact with an expert hairstylist who know how to deal with sharp blades and how to make right graduated angle of this specific bob haircut.

angled bob haircut with bangsangled bob haircut with bangsvictoria beckham highlighted bob hairstyle

8. One Sided Layered haircut with Bangs

It is one of unusual bangs hairstyles 2014 but it looks quite impressive all the time. Girls who dye their hair frequently, normally want to enhance their look through uncommon haircut, one side layered haircut seems to be perfect hairstyle for them. They need to keep one side of hair silky straight while getting multiple layered hairs in another side.

one sided layered and bangs

Three Hairstyling Options for Long hair with Bangs

At the end, I would like to give hairstyling ideas to those girls who have long hair with bangs.

Sleek Straight Layers:First, they can opt for straight hair. They need to apply hair serum and then doing hair ironing. In this way, they would be able to get sleek straight and attractive hair look with bangs.

colored straight bangs straight hair with bangsstraight long hair with bangs

Flirty Waves :Second, girls having bangs must try wavy hairstyle. It’s not really hard to get waves. You only need to know how to work well with your hair styling device. Waves not only add extra volume to haircut but also boost up grace of a girl.

wavy hairstyle with bangswavy long hair and bangs

Simply Curled :

Third, Loose or formal curls can be tried along with bangs. There is no need to curl the bangs, you just need to get curls in your rest of hair. Curl and bang is no doubt an eye-catching combination of styling in 2014.  You can try this hairstyle at a special event such as birthday party of friend or a wedding ceremony; choice is yours.

curls and bangs hairstylelayered hairstyle with bangs

I’m sure you would like to try one of these stylish haircuts with bangs 2014. Once you get a haircut, don’t forget to adopt one suitable styling option out of trio for you.

Happy Styling !!

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