8 Mind Blowing Braid hairstyles for Little Girls

little girl triple ladder hairstyles

Summer vacation has started and moms have a lot of time to spend with their little cute girls. I think it’s the best time to do some kind of creativity. Mom always wish their sweetheart looked like the most beautiful kid in the world. They always search for the way to enhance the cuteness and beauty of their sweeties. Today, I’m here to unlock 8 mind blowing braid hairstyles for little girls. Every braid idea is astounding and unique. You would love to try any of these hairstyles at home.

double dutch braid hairstyles of little girls

1.Wonderful Hexa French Braids and Bun

When you first look at this picture, you think it would be difficult to copycat this hairstyles; because it looks quite complicated. In reality, it’s very simple and easy. There is only a need of complete understanding. Your task is to divide complete hair into six sections: two upper, two lower and two sides while leaving the front fringe straight and sleek. Now make french braid of each section one by one. When you make one french braid then you need to secure it with an elastic ponytail or a pin. Once you have done with six circular french braids then last step is to combine the reaming section of all braids and make a simple three strand braid. After making the braid, you only need to make a round and circular hair bun with it. Hurrah! you have done with this mind blow braid hairstyle.

litle girls four five braided bun

2.Stunning Cross Lace braid hairstyles for little girls

No doubt, this braid hairstyles look simply graceful. When a mother looks at this hairstyle first time then she gets confuse but she would be able to understand it completely after getting a close look. Well, it is a double lace braid in cross pattern. If you don’t know how to make double lace braid then I would suggest you to first step-by-step lace braid guide. This braid is very simple and easy. You only need to pick the hair at regular interval while making a simple braid. First task is to divide hair into two equal sections and then to make lace braid of each section. when you come to the middle level where both lace braids hug then you need to change the location from where you pick the hair strands. At start, you would make right hand lace braid by picking hair strands from right section and create left braid by getting hair of left section. When you reach at mid point, you need to be very careful. You will see that someĀ  hair strands have been left after making the left hand side lace braid, you need to start adding these hair with regular interval into your right hand side lace braid. In the same way, adds right hand side braid’s remaining hair strands into left hand side braid. At the end, you would be able to have fabulous Cross lace braid hairstyles for little girls.

little girl lace cross braid hairstyles

3.Amazing Tetra Dutch braid hairstyles

If you know how to make a french braid then it won’t be hard for you to make dutch braid hairstyles. Dutch braid is well-known as opposite french braid. In french braid, we add section from top into the braid while in dutch braid we add section into braid from lower side. You need to star braiding from left side of your hair. Make first dutch braid and secure it, then continue with second, third and fourth braids. In first dutch braid, you need to get hair from the left side and then to make the braid. Once you have made the first braid, you need to divide rest of hair into three equal sections and then to make three dutch braid side by side.At the end, you need to combine all four dutch braid into one ponytail.

little girl triple double hairstyles

4. Cute Triple ladder braid hairstyles for little girls

Ladder braid always look graceful. Ladder is another name of lace braid. Since ladder has steps, this braid also have equal sections of hair strands. As you can see in the image, there are triple ladder braids. Your task is to gather all hair in your left side and then take one thick hair section from the middle. Now start making the ladder braid by pulling hair strands from the most right side. Add hair strands with equal interval. Once you done with first braid. Your task is to divide remaining portion into two sections. Grab first section and make the second ladder braid and do the same for second section. You need to combine triple ladder braids at your right side in an elastic ponytail.

little girl triple ladder hairstyles

5. Tetra Leaf-Like French braid ponytail hairstyle

You can copycat maple leaf pattern on your little girl hairstyle. For this purpose your need to divide her hair into two equal sections after center parting the hair. Now take right hand section and divide it into equal parts. Make the french braid of each part and secure it with pins or elastic ponytail. Take left hand hair section and do the same. Once four french braid hairstyles have been done then you need to combine loose ends of all braids and make a big simple English braid and tie it into a ponytail.

little girls four french braid ponytail hairstyles

6. Simple Cross English Braid hairstyle for Little Girl

This hairstyles seems like a criss-cross puzzle when you first look at it. However, it is very interesting and simple to make. No complications or difficult steps involve in it. First of all, you need to divide hair into two equal portion after center parting the hair. Now pick the right hand section and divide it into three parts: two thin and one thick. Get elastic ponytail and make three ponytails: two thin and one thick. Now Make a simple three strand braid of thick part, when you reach at the middle portion, you need to secure your braid into a ponytail and divide rest of portion into two equal parts. Now make the simple three strand or English braid of these two potions and secure them into an elastic ponytail. Make triple strand simple braids of two thin hair sections. You need to make tight simple braid. Once you have made two thin braids then you need to secure each with an elastic ponytail. Now set right hand side thin braid at left side with a bobby pin. Secure second thin braid close to middle section of scalp with bobby pin. It’s time to do work on left hand section. You need to repeat all the steps until you get two thin braids of left section. Fix these thin braid in a cross pattern as shown in the image. I’m sure you won’t find it hard to make this braid at home.

little girl english braid hairstyles

7 Front Side Double Dutch braid hairstyles

If you need a voluminous braid hairstyle for your little girl then it would be a perfect hairstyle for her. Instead of making braids at back, you have to do creative work at front side. Gather all on right side and then make first dutch braid close to your forehead. You need to make the braid in such a way that it moves from right to left side.Once you done with first braid, next step is to make another dutch braid with the remaining section of hair. Voila! you have made a perfect double dutch braid hairstyle without any kind of help.

double dutch braid hairstyles for kids

8. Sectional ponytail hairstyles for Little Girls

This is indeed the easiest hairstyle for little girl. For getting this hairstyle, you first need to gather front section of hair and then to tie this section into an elastic hair band. Now your task is to add hair strand from both left and right section into this ponytail and then to secure it again with an elastic ponytail. Continue making the simple sectional ponytail till you reach at the end section where you need not only to combine remaining portion of left and right sections but also bottom part. Now combine all sectional ponytail into one big sleek ponytail. This hairstyle looks very amazing and you can make it within 10-15 minutes.

little girls sectional braid hairstyles

I have provided you cool ideas of braid hairstyles for little girls. Now it’s up to you to pick one hairstyle and try it at home. Before you pick any hairstyle, I suggest you to first learn to make its basic braid such as french braid, dutch braid, or simple three strands braids. If you know the basic then it won’t be hard for you to make these hairstyles very quickly.

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