7 Vital Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

men skin care tips

Normally, men don’t take much care of their skin but it is advisable to follow some simple tips that let them to have a shiny and healthy skin. Winter has started , so I would like share some tips which can protect your skin from adverse affects of this season. When you move out then you encounter with cold air that absorbs essential moisture of your face. Skin gets dry due to this cold breeze. You can’t avoid this breeze but you can follow some simple winter skin care tips just to keep required moisture of skin. Here are 7 tips you can try during winter.

men skin care tips

1.Use Aloe Vera – an Excellent Moisturizer

When you feel that your skin is getting dry day by day then you should start applying aloe vera on your skin. There are many skin care products that have vitamin E, essential oils and Aloe Vera; your task is to find such products and regularly use them.

winter skin care aloe vera

2.Take Shower with Almond Oil

Your body also needs moisturizer, so you should take a shower treatment. Whenever you are done with shower, you need to take few drops of almond oil and gently rub over your body. You can rinse off oil after a few minutes. On the other hand, you can add a few drops of this oil into a bath tub as a last step of your shower. Add some water into almond oil and start washing your body. In this way, you would gain required moisture for your body.

3.Shave Carefully in Winter

Hair gets thicker in winter, so you may feel pain while shaving off. If you want to avoid this pain then you just need to apply oil or some cream gently on skin. Leave skin for ten minutes and then begin shaving procedure. Your skin wouldn’t get red or dried after shaving. There is no need to use after-shave instead you can try vitamin E enriched oil that is available in stores. Application of this oil will not only smooth your skin but also protects it from itchiness, which usually caused due to dryness.

shave carefully in winter

4.Take a Bath Only with Warm Water

You should never take a bath with hot water because you may loss natural moisture of your skin. Sometimes you take a bath in a hot water and when you move out from bathroom then cold weather may create problem.

5.Drink Water As much as you can

We don’t feel thirsty in winter but we definitely need more water in this season than summer. Keeping your body hydrated is difficult yet the most essential task for you. It is good to keep a water bottle next to you so you drink water whenever you look at it. Drinking orange juice is another way of providing required hydration and vitamins to your skin.

drink orange juice in winter

6.Always Apply Sun-Screen Cream

Some people think that sun rays are not very intense in winter, they are right. However, they never forget that though sun heat is not very intense but its ultraviolet rays are indeed harmful for skin. Don’t forget to apply sun-screen cream when you move out from office or home.

7.Make Face Cleansing a habit

You need to cleanse your face and body with milk or some cleanser. If you do this then you can remove dust particles from skin. Your complexion would never fade if you develop a cleansing habit.

I’m sure that when you follow these winter skin care tips then you will get good results i.e. healthy and glowing skin.

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