6 Most Popular Ways to Wear Medium hairstyles with Bangs

medium length curls with bangs

Do you want to get bangs? Like to know what kind of hairstyle would look perfect with bangs? Fortunately, you are at the right place. Here you will get an idea of 6 different yet popular ways to wear medium hairstyles with bangs.

1.Bangs with layered haircut

Do you need a cool girl look? It would only be attained when you opt for perfect layered haircut. It is advisable to pick the best salon of your area and then get a sharp medium layered haircut with bangs. Some girls prefer to get razor cut layers because they need bold and beautiful look; it is one of the great ideas to get layered medium hairstyles with bangs.

layered haircut and bangs bangs and bob haircut

medium layered haircut with bangs medium layered haircut with fringe


2.Bangs with Medium Length bob

If you need a hairstyle that is easy-to-go and doesn’t require much setting from your side then you should get sleek bob haircut. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t want you to spend many hours on style setting. Just apply your hair care serum or gel, comb your hair and you are ready to go anywhere.

medium length bob

medium bob hair cut with bangs

fringe and bob haircut

frine and medium bob hairstyle

3.Get Curly hairstyle with Bangs

Want to look a dream girl? You need to opt for medium curly hairstyle with bangs. There is no need to curls your fringe, you only need to curl your hair. There are many different curling style option for you. Casual curly medium hairstyles with bang is a good choice for friends party but when you are going to attend something at corporate level then you need to get very formal curls with bangs.

medium curly hair and bangs

medium length curly hairstyles

medium curly hairstyles

medium length curls with bangs

4.Try sleek Straight hairstyle with bangs

Girls who get straight hair seems very self-confident, it look like they have good amount of self-control. In case you need a hairstyle that make you look confident and stylish then you can surely give your best try to straight medium hairstyles with bangs.

medium straight hair with bangs

selena gomez bangs and medium straight hair

5.Wavy locks with Bangs

Another way to get bang is to make some wavy locks. Wavy textured hair always look great. Medium waves makes a perfect eye-catching frame around your face. You can add glam factor into your wavy hairstyle with bangs, if you use some shiny hair serum before getting waves.

medium wavy hair and bangs


medium wavy hairstyles

medium wavy hair with bangs

medium curly bob

6.Create a ponytail with Bangs

Interestingly, girls can make different ponytails with their bangs. Usually, high ponytail looks wonderful but you need to keep experimenting with your ponytail. The most trendy ponytail styles are curly side ponytails, braided ponytail, wavy medium hair ponytail,etc. You can surely opt with your own unique ponytail hairstyle that is good for your medium hair.

medium length wavy ponytail

side ponytail medium hair

medium length curly ponytail

rihanna medium ponytail hair

So, girls whenever you are going to get bangs you need to consider these five different ways to get medium hairstyles with bangs.

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