10 Cute and Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Girls with Meanings

bicycle tattoo for girls back

The girls who are searching for some cute tattoos for themselves must have a look at tattoo ideas that I’m going to unlock now. These tattoos look really cute on the girls, no matter where a girl drop the ink. It is always advisable to choose an expert tattooist whenever you are going to get a tattoo. If you pick a wrong artist then you might not get the good tattoo design. You can get recommendation from your friends or search the web or tattoo forums just to find the best tattoo artist nearby. Once you find the best tattoo artist, the next step would be the design. So, lets dig into 10 cute and superb tattoo ideas for girls.

1.Get Wings with Butterfly Tattoos

If you wish you could have wings then you can now stop wishing by getting a butterfly tattoo design. Butterfly is a tattoo associated with girls, although many men also get this tattoo. You can opt for either black and white or colorful butterfly. It is a fact that color enhance the beauty of your tattoo and of course your personality. These days, you can get simple and 3d Butterfly tattoos. Must know the meanings of butterfly tattoo design before you get it.

butterly tattoo for fingersbutterfly tattoo for girls hand

2. Grab Good Luck with Frog Tattoo

Just like other animal tattoo, a tattoo of frog symbolizes its traits and characteristics. This tattoo is common among both sexes but girls usually get it because they think this tattoo is for good luck. Some other meanings of frog tattoo design are happiness, fertility,purity, opportunity, healing, renew and good fortune.

frog tattoo for girl footfrog tattoo desig for girls

3. Look Bold with Gun Tattoos

Guns are always associated with men, since they have power and courage. However, there are still some girls who consider themselves very daring, so they normally opt for a gun tattoo design on their back or rib cage. The popularity of this tattoo also touched the peak level when Rihanna showed off her gun tattoo design.

gun tattoo for girlsrihana gun tattoo

4. Catch Best Dreasm with Dream catcher Tattoo Design

One of the best tattoo ideas for girls is Dream catcher, it is also a mainstream tattoo. The girls get a dream catcher tattoo because they know that this tattoo will catch their good dreams and don’t let the bad dreams to come into their life. You are able to get this tattoo in black and white tone but it always look stunning with colors.

dream catcher tattoo for girls ankledream catcher tattoo for arm

5. Try Different Pattern of  Geometrical Tattoos

Do you need a really different and unique tattoo? If yes, then you can combine different design pattern into your own tattoo design. This tattoo design usually has clear angles and corner. There is no meaning of a geometrical design but it looks great on girls.

geometric tattoos for girls

6. Unlock your lover Heart with Key tattoo Design

It is among the romantic tattoo ideas for girls. If you have a boyfriend and want to unlock his heart then you can surely get a cute key tattoo. Some girls get key tattoo while other combine this tattoo with a heart. Key to a heart tattoo is normally worn by girls who want to represent their love for someone. This also means that girl is showing a key to her heart to a person whom she loves.

key to heart tattoo designkey tattoos for girls

7. Leaf Tattoos for new Beginning

If you want to restart your life in a new way then you can surely get a try to a leaf tattoo designs. The girls usually take leaf tattoos on their foot because it represent their first step toward new life. Getting leaf tattoo on wrist is another cool tattoo ideas for girls. Don’t forget to explore meanings of clover and maple leaf tattoos.

leaf tattoo for wristleaf tatto for girls foot

8. Go on the Move with Bicycle Tattoo

If you need a really cool tattoo idea for yourself then you can surely opt for a bicycle tattoo. This tattoo design is equally popular among boys and girls. Girls like to get this tattoo on their upper and lower back because this tattoo look cool at both positions.

bicycle tattoo for girls back

9. Enjoy life stability with Small Anchor tattoo

In past, sailor got anchor tattoos since this sign was associated with their business. These days, it has become one of the trendy tattoos ideas for girls and boys. Anchor looks very cute on neck, arm, foot and wrists of girls. The meaning of this tattoo design is stability.

anchor tattoo for neck girls cute small anchor tattoos for girls

10. Show your a life lasting impact with Shooting Star Tat

Shooting star tattoo is often associated a time in the moment in time that left a very strong impact on one’s life. This could be a person, event,job, romance or anything. If a girl has any such moment then she can try any of below mentioned shooting star tattoo ideas for girls.

neck shooting star tattoosshooting star tattoo for foot

After exploring these ideas of tattoos for girls, it won’t be difficult for you to choose the best tattoo design for yourself. Explore the collection, know the meaning and then pick the best idea for yourself.





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