5 Step-by-Step Cute Little Heart Nail art Guides

black nails with red cute nail art

The girls who have special feelings and emotions for someone special or their family members like to make heart. Tiny red heart always look fantastic, no matter you make it on your eyes or nails. Today, I’m here to with 5 cute little heart nail art designs and their step-by-step guides. So, check these guides without any further delay.

Guide No.1 Black Nails with Little Red Heart Nail art

It is indeed the most beautiful nail art idea that you can try. Interestingly, you don’t meed much for getting this fantastic nail art designs.

Things You need :

  • Nail polish: Black and Red
  • Top Coat nail polish
  • Tooth picks

black nails with red cute nail art

Steps for Getting Red Heart Nail art design

You need to follow 5 easy steps for getting this cute nail art.

tiny red heart nail art designs Step No.1 Apply black nail polish on all nails and let your nail dry. Now take a tooth pick and dip it into a red nail polish.

Step No.2 Make a dot of red nail polish on one of your black nails.

Step No.3 Make a diagonal smile line next to red dot.

Step No.4 Make another red dot and diagonal line in such a way that you get V-shape.

Step No.5 Combine the dots and make a cute little red heart. Get nice finish with top coat.

Hurrah! you have finally made a cute and trendy little red heart nail art design.

Guide No.2 Colorful Heart Nail art Designs 

Another great idea of making heart is on colorful nails instead of black one. This idea looks very eye-catching.

Things you need:

  • Nail polish: Light Mauve, Light Pink and Silver blue
  • Nail art brush
  • Nail art dotter

colorful heart nail art designs

Steps for making Colorful Little Heart Nail art design

In order to get this trendy nail art, you have to follow 3 easy steps.

Step No.1 Apply light mauve nail polish on your two nails.

Step No.2 Apply pink nail polish on rest of three nails.

Step No.3 Take a nail art brush, dip it into silver blue nail polish and make tiny heart. Use a nail art dotter for creating small dot in the mid of each heart.

Guide No.3 Pink and Golden heart nail art designs

The girls like to wear pink dress and I suggest them to give a try to pink and gold nail art , just to enhance their beauty.

Things you Need

  • Base coat
  • top Coat
  • Nail Polish: Pink and Metallic gold
  • Hole Puncher with a little heart
  • Masking Tape

Steps for Creating Pink Nail with Golden Little heart

You have to follow 5 quick steps.

pink and golden heart nail art designs

Step No.1 Gather all require things for this nail art design. If you don’t find hole puncher then you can get cut the tape with scissor in heart style.

Step No.2 Apply base coat, let it dry and then apply pink nail polish.

Step No.3 Get hole puncher with little heart and make a heart style hole in masking tape, you can also get scotch tape. Now fix this tap on your nail.

Step No.4 Apply metallic golden nail polish over tape as shown in the image. Let it dry.

Step No.5 Remove the tape and you will get a beautiful little shiny heart on your pink nails.

Voila! you have created little heart nail art design very quickly.

Guide No.4 Grey Nail and Tiny Red Heart nail art designs

Another amazing guide that is very simple and easy is grey and red heart style nail art.

Things you need:

  • Nail polish: Grey and Red
  • Scotch tape
  • Top coat
  • Scissor or mole puncher with a little heart

red small heart nail art designs

Steps for Making Grey and Red Little Heart nail art

You need to follow 4 easy steps for getting this fabulous nail art design.

Step No.1 Get a scotch tape piece and use mole puncher and make a heart-like hole into it. The girls who don’t have a puncher can use scissor for making heart in a tape.

Step No.2 Apply grey nail polish and let it dry. Now fix tape over your nail.

Step No.3 Apply red nail polish on the tape also fill the heart gap. Let nail polish nail dry.

Step No.4 Remove the tape and apply top coat for perfect finish.

Wonderful! you are done with a cute tiny red heart nail art design.

Guide No.5 Pink and Red Little Heart Nail art Idea

If you need a very quick nail art design then you can opt for it.

Things you need

  • Nail polish: Black and Pink
  • Lead Pencil

step by step pink heart nail art designsSteps for Making Red and Pink Heart Nail art designs

You can make very beautiful tiny heart design on your nail by following 4 steps.

Step No.1 Apply red nail polish on all four nails and then apply soft pink nail polish on one nail.

Step No.2 Let the nail polish dry. Take a lead pencil and dip it into red nail polish.

Step No.3 Make tiny three dots in rectangular shape on your pink nail.

Step No.4 Join the dots and make a small little red heart on your cute pink nail. Let it dry and apply top coat for perfect finishing.

Amazing! you have finally created one of the best little heart nail art designs.


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