5 Remarkable Long hair styles for Beautiful Girls

sleek high ponytail hair styling

Girls who want to enhance their beauty must opt for different long hair styles. There is no need to stick with one hairstyle all the time when you can make real fashion and style statement with a trendy hairstyle. Let’s check 5 cool ideas of long hairstyles.

stylish long high ponytail with rubber band

1.Long Wavy Hairstyles

No matter what party you are going to attend or what big event is coming ahead, you can make the most from your long hair by adding some waves into it. When it comes to making wave hairstyle then girls probably think about expert help , which could be expensive. A cost-effective way is to create waves at home with the mean of wands or curling machine. Check online wavy hair tutorial and you will get an idea how to add perfect waves into your long hair. Loose waves are good for casual party, always go for formal wavy hair when you need to attend a formal event.

cool high wavy hairstyles ideas

Beautiful girl with long wavy hair

Megan Fox with Long wavy hair style

Megan Fox with Long wavy hair style

dark brown hair with long waves loose wavy hair with streaks

2. Curly Long Hair styles

Give your long hair a super bouncy touch with curls of different types. Loose curls seems amazing but you don’t mind getting ringlet or other forms of curls. It’s good to give a try to different version of curls , when it comes to long hair styling. Before you start making curls, it is always advisable to protect your hair from heat by using a heat protection serum or cream.

brown hair loose curls hairstyles side curly hairstyle ideas for girl with red rose

3.Long Straight hairstyles

This seems to be an awesome idea of hairstyling for girls. All you need to use hair iron after applying styling cream and get sleek straight hair after 15 minutes. Making your hair straight isn’t difficult task. In case you want to adopt this look permanently then you should use hair straight kit which makes your hair straight for up to six or eight weeks.

black long straight hairstyles with full bangs celebrity long straight hair style ideas long straight hair style ideas Celebrity with long hair styles

4.High Ponytail hairstyles

Get a chic girly look by making a high ponytail. Although you have many version of ponytail hairstyling today but high ponytail is considered the chicest version all the time. You need straight long hair for pulling off this hairstyle.

sleek high ponytail hair styling

Inspirational high ponytail long hair styles by Kim Kardashian

Inspirational high ponytail long hair styles by Kim Kardashian

high ponytail side hair styles

5.Fishtail braid long hair styles

In summer, girls with long hair usually feel a bit uncomfortable. They feel it hard to deal with long hair and often think of getting a short or medium haircut. There is no need to do it this year. All you need to tie your hair into a fishtail braid hairstyles and then turn it into an updo or bun. This seems to be the simplest way of dealing long hair in summer, no need to shorten hair length.

fishtail braided hairstyles loose fishtail messy hairstyles

So, which of these 5 long hair styles would you like to try in 2015? Give vote to best hairstyle.



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