5 Cute Girls Simple hairstyles for School

ponytail easy hairstyles

Do you want to look beautiful at school? It is no need to try difficult hairstyle always when you can enhance your beauty with simple hairstyle for school. Let’s check 5 cool ideas of hairstyling.

1.Rope braid hairstyle

French braid hairstyle has become boring. If you want to try something new then I suggest you to give a try to rope braid hairstyle. This hairstyle is very simple and easy-to-make. Comb your hair, then gather all your hair from top hair line, divide it into two equal parts. Now twist every section and make a rope. You also need to pick hair sections from each side just like you do in case of French braid hairstyle. This seems to be one of the simplest hairstyle for school girls.

Let me tell you one thing that there is nothing complicated about this braid, just brush, hold the strand in hand, and twist over. Your style is done in a minute. But you need to keep in mind which strand to be crossed first, a single mistake can prove to be messy in the order of the style.

rope braid hairstyles

2.Intricate braid hairstyle

Every girl would love this kind of hairstyling. All you need to do is to grab hair section from one side and make an intricate simple braid. You have to make three simple intricate braids. Now make one braid from another side and combine these braids on crown to enhance your hair beauty to a great extent. Would you like to try such simple hairstyle for school?

cute braid hairstyles for school

3.Cute Pigtail hairstyle

Do you want to look cute and beautiful? This is going to be really simple. All you need to divide hair into two equal hair potions and make three strand braids. If you have front bangs then you should comb your hair back and then use bobby pins to set your hairstyle.

easy school hairstyles

4.Stunning waterfall hairstyle

Waterfall braid is one of the charming school girl hairstyle. This braid hardly take fifteen minutes and it would enhance your hair beauty to a great extent. Before you make this hairstyle, you need to make your hair simple and straight with the mean of hair iron.

waterfall braid hairstyles for school

5.Wear Ponytail hairstyle in Different Ways

If you need ideas of simple hairstyle for school, I suggest you to check cool ideas below. You need to make a high wavy ponytail that looks simply wonderful. When it comes to adding style to ponytail then you can use headband or hair pins.I’m sure such hairstyle would make your look simply attractive.

ponytail easy hairstyles


Okay, girls you know about 5 simple hairstyles for school. Now it’s your turn to try any of such hairstyle and make your look attractive.

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