5 Best Shades to try for Green Eye makeup

black shades glitter for green eye makeup

Green eyed girls usually don’t know how to make their eye pop. Selection of eyeshadow for gren eye makeup seems to be a challenging task because there are tons of colors to choose from. If someone gets confused then it is pretty normal. In order to make your challenging task super easy, I’m here to unlock 5 best eyeshadow for green eyes.

black makeup green eyes

1.Glittery black smokey eye makeup

When you want to enhance beauty of your eyes then you should opt for smokey eye makeup. You need to choose black shade family colors for defining every angle of eyes. In order to make your smokey eye look simply charming, you can add silver glitter at the end. It seems perfect green eye makeup idea for girls.

black shades glitter for green eye makeup

2.Dark green on green eye makeup

Normally, girls think that they don’t need to use green on green eyes. Well, what you need to avoid is matching colors. There is no need to always skip green when you can define your eyes brilliantly with this color eyeshadow. Your task is to choose a dark green shade than your real eye color. Dark color would surely beefed up grace of light green eyes.

triple green shades for green eye makeup

3.Dramatic blue and orange butterfly eye makeup

Want to get ready for a theme party? Need the best idea of green eye makeup. I think you need to opt for orange-blue butterfly eyes. Your task is to apply blue on lower part of lid and then to blend crease with dark orange color. Use eyeliner for drawing butterfly style lines around eyes and at the end, make your eyes pop with a little glitter touch.

blue and orange green eye makeup

4.Cooper and light green eye makeup

Cooper is indeed a fantastic eyeshadow color for green eye makeup. You can use it with other light colors such as yellow, lime or green for grabbing attention of all. You need to prepare your lower eyelid portion with the mix of dark and light green shades. Apply plum on crease and spread it toward eye corner. Blend this shade and finish this stunning eye makeup look with black liquid eyemascara.

green brown eye makeup

5.Plum black winged makeup for green eyes

Want to make real fashion and style statement/ it would be possible when you use black shade on the lower part of eyelid and then use plum as a major eyeshadow that has to apply on crease to corner of your eyes. When it comes to lower lid, you have to apply white silver eyeshadow in the inner eye corner. The most important part of this eye makeup is eyeliner application. You need to apply winged style liner on upper and lower eyelid.

plum shades for green eye makeup

Now it is quite easy for girls to do green eye makeup since they have an idea of 5 stunning eyeshadow to apply. Which of this eyeshade and makeup style you like the most? Don’t hesitate to share your comments.


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