5 Best hairstyles for Long hair in 2015

half up and half down hairstyles long hair

Girls with long hair often feel it hard to choose the best hairstyle for them. So, today I’m here to offer my helping hand to those girls. I would like to unlock 5 best hairstyles for long hair in 2015. These hairstyles are very trendy and can easily boost up your appearance. So, let’s check them out.

braided ponytail long hair

1.Braided hairstyles for long hair

If you want to look stylish on a friend’s party then you should opt for braided hairstyles. These days, simple and fishtail braids are among the latest hairstyles trends 2015. You can opt for messy or sleek side fishtail braid that looks simply wonderful. Simple braid seems to another great idea for a girl who need very casual look.

long hairstyles updo

braided hairstyles long hair fishtail braided hairstyles for long hair

2.Straight, Center Part long hair

It is one of the best hairstyles for long hair in 2015. Pick your hair iron, apply hair serum and start straightening your hair but don’t forget to center part your hair. You may like to know that Center part hairstyles are very prominent in fashion runways of 2014-15.

sleek straight hairstyle long hair sleek long hairstyle for girls

long hairstyles center partb

3.Ponytail hairstyles for long hair

There is no need to look super formal all the time. You can look casually chic with ponytail hairstyles. High ponytail looks graceful but don’t mind getting low ponytail. Top celebrities love to tease their front hair and then to wrap their back hair into a ponytail; you can follow same approach.

high ponytail hairstyle long hair ponytail hairstyles for long hair sleek long ponytail hairstyles high ponytail long hair

4.Updo hairstyles for Long hair

Want to look chic and stylish? It would be possible if you go for sleek updos. These days, you can find many different updo options. Some girls love to backcomb the hair and then make an updo. Other girls like to enhance the beauty of their hair with braided updo. You can go with your own favorite type of updo.

long hairstyles updoupdo hairstyles for long hair braided updo long hairstyles

5. Half up and half down hairstyles

Prom girls usually opt for this kind of hairstyling because they want to look robust. However, it doesn’t mean this hairstyle is only limited to them. Other girls who have long hair can surely amplify their facial beauty with half up and half down hairstyles. Get curls or waves in the lower down hair strands while pining up half up portion of hair seems to be a wonderful idea of hairstyles for long hair.

half up and half down hairstyles for long hair half up and half down hairstyles for long hair half up and half down braid style



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