4 Awesome Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hair heavy curls

Medium length hair is giving the bride more freedom to play around especially when it comes to choosing wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

Back roll hairstyle

This is another hot hairstyle for the bride to be, a great choice for all those who have medium length hair. This vintage looking hairstyle is simple yet is looking amazing and goes well with any wedding outfit.

roll back hairstyle

Roll back for Wedding

Simple roll back for medium hair

Simple Roll back with pink flower

Wedding braided roll back

Braided Roll back for wedding

Braided back roll for wedding

Braided Roll back

Girly curls

This is a girly and sweet hairstyle, with lovely rolled curls which are firm enough to withstand even a full vintage veil. To get this look use your big curler and when you are loosening it you should drag it out of the hair from the downside rather than the side.

Curl hairstyle for wedding

Girly Curls For Wedding

Curly hairstyle for weddig

Side Curl locks for Wedding

Wedding girly curl hairstyles

Girly curls for wedding

Medium hair heavy curls

Heavy Curls for Wedding

Simple dreamy locks

Simple bridal hair doesn’t get any better then the luxurious down-do as it’s the most popular wedding hairstyle for medium hair. Perfect texture, dreamy loose curls and a center parting that opens up the face and highlights the shape of the haircut. If you want hairstyle like this for your “D-Day”, treat your locks to regular conditioning masks before the big day comes.

wavy curls for wedding

Dreamy Locks for medium hair

Perfect curl lock for bride

Curly locks for Wedding

Medium hair heavy curls

Heavy Curls for Wedding

The ballerina bun

You shouldn’t be scared of eccentricity on your wedding day- it is the perfect day to show everyone you love just how unique style you have chosen for your biggest day. The ballerina bun is big news as one of the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair. After you are done with the shaping of your hair use a shine spray so that your hair looks super healthy and pin it up into a neat, coiled bun. You can finish the styling with a delicate headband that match your wedding dress.

Perfect Ballerina bun for bride

The Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun for medium hair

The Ballerina Bun for Wedding

Bride Ballerina bun

The Ballerina Bun for bride

The Ballerina Bun for wedding

Perfect Ballerina Bun

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