3 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

easy nail art for beginners

Are you new to nail art modeling world? Looking for easy nail art designs? You are indeed at the right place.I’m here to share step by step guide of three easy and simple nail art designs for beginners. Good thing about this guide is that it is very easy to follow. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to try these easy yet cute nail art design ideas.

Idea Number 1: Red and White Candy shape Nails

At Christmas, you love to give red and white candies to your friends and colleagues. Now I would like to tell you how to copy this cute design on your nails. What you require for getting this nail design is

  • Red nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Scissor
  • Scotch Tape

 cute nail art for beginnersSteps you need to follow:

Here are four steps that let you get this easy nail art design.

  1. Apply white nail polish.
  2. Now you need to make tiny stripes of scotch tape and then to fix these stripes on your white nail polish while keeping some distance in each tape.
  3. Apply red nail polish on stripes and nail.
  4. Remove tape strip and you will get red and white Christmas candy design on your nails.

Idea Number 2: Red and Grey Simple nail Art

Another easy nail art idea for beginner is red and white simple nail designing. You don’t need to spend hours on designing your nails. Spend a few minutes on nails and get fully decorated attractive nails. What do you need?

  • Red nail polish
  • Grey nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • nail art dotters

beautiful nail art for girls

Step you need to follow:

Here are four main steps you can follow for getting this simple nail art.

  1. Apply grey nail polish and let it dry.
  2. Now apply red nail polish at the tip of nail.
  3. You need to make a perfect V-Shape tip of nail through red nail polish.
  4. Take a nail art dotter tool , dip it into white nail polish and make small dots next to red nail polish V-shape line.

Next two pictures bring two different styles for same nail art. You are free to try any of both.

Idea Number 3: Navy Blue and White Heart Nail art

No doubt, it is an easy nail art that looks very cute due to a little heart that you can make at the side of your nails. What do you require for getting this nail design?

  • Navy Blue nail polish
  • Scotch tap
  • Scissor
  • Red nail polish
  • Nail Art Brush (tool)

girls best nail art designsSteps you need to follow:

Here are four main steps you need to follow.

  1. First apply navy blue nail polish on your nails.
  2. Fix stripes of white scotch tap on your nails.
  3. Cut extra pieces of stripes and then fix them properly on nails.
  4. Take a nail art brush, dip it into red nail polish and make a small little heart at the sides.

I’m sure beginner of nail art modeling will find it very simple to follow these three guides of easy nail art designs. It would be fun to decorate your nails, so go and grab this fun now.


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