25 Amazing Short Quotes for Tattoos

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Some people like to get inspirational quote tattoos on their body. They always search for short quotes for tattoos. Today, I decided to give them a chance to have a close look at some really amazing quotes that you can get on your body.

1. Protect me from What i want

Sometimes, you have a strong desire for something that isn’t good for you.At this situation, you can get “Protect me from what i want” short quote tattoo.

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2. With Faith comes Hope

It is another inspirational short quote tattoo. We all have to keep our hope alive but we need to have faith on something. This seems to be a great idea.

hope quote tattoos

3. Believe in yourself quote tattoo

If you want to achieve something really big in your life then you have to believe in yourself. This is a motivational short quote tattoo design for every one who have some big aim in life.

believe quote tattoos

4. The Good memories are for tough times

In hard times we all need something really good so we can take a sigh of relief. It is advisable to try this quote tattoo that would keep you hopeful in darkness. It is one of the best short quotes for tattoos.

memories quote tattoos

5.Released from my hands, seal in my heart

Have you lost someone really special? You may search for a memorial tattoo quote. So, you can give a try to this amazing quote. We may leave  hand of our loved ones but they always seal in our hearts.

heart quote tattoos

6. Life Goes on tattoo

We all have to face some really hard time or pain in our life sometime. But if we have to survive, we have to get over it.  “Life Goes on” with lifeline tattoo seems to be one of fantastic short quotes for tattoos.

life quote tattoos

7. Life is a beautiful struggle

It is a quote with deep meanings. We all know that life is not a bed of roses but we have to struggle always. If we consider this struggle “beautiful” then this struggle would become very simple.

life struggle tattoos

8. Forbidden to Remember, Terrified to Forget

Sometimes you don’t want to remember something but it is not easy for you.In such case, you can opt for this short quote tattoo design.

simple quote tatto

9.Everyone makes mistake tattoo

We all are human beings and we can’t avoid committing mistakes. Sometimes we forget that other people are also human beings, they also commit mistakes. We often forget this thing and misbehave with others. If you want to forgive quickly then you should opt for this tattoo design.

mistake quote tattoo designs

10. Breakup short quote tattoo

Girls feel very bad after breakup. If you want to end pain of breakup then you should get a short quote ” Dear lover  give me one last  painful kiss” It seems to be an amazing tat idea for girls though heart touching.

break up tattoo designs

11. I am architect of my own destruction tattoos

We all are responsible for our actions. You should take full responsibility of your life’s actions. It’s good to drop ink of this short quote tattoo on anywhere. If you want to highlight it, you can get it on the back.

life quote tattoos designs

12.Without Struggle there is no progress

People who want to achieve something big in their lives must have to struggle hard. If a person thinks that he can achieve anything without struggle then it is not possible. Work hard and get this tattoo just to keep yourself going with your aim.

hard work quote tatoto

13.We are unusual, Tragic and alive

Every person has to face problem in life, we feel bad but we have to move on; it is what life is. So, you can opt for one of this inspirational short quotes for tattoos.

arm quote tattoos

14. Music inspirational quote tattoo

There are many people who are passionate about music. They love to sing but may not feel their voice very attractive.  In such situation, you should get this impressive quote tattoo “If you want to sing out, sing out”

music quote tattoo designs

15. Never a victim, Forever a fighter

It is a fact that people have to face problems in life all the time. We don’t have to become a victim to our problems instead we have to fight with them, no matter what. Go and try this motivational short quote tattoo design.

quoite tattoo designs

16. Leave out all the rest

Focus on you and your life, if you want to be happy; leave out all the rest quote is simply meaningful for every person.

short quote tattoos

17. Dream as if you’ll live forever

We all know we have short life span, so we remain afraid of our death. We can’t live freely, if we think about our death all the time. So, it is good to do something really big, so that you live forever even you leave the world.

dream quote tattoo

18. We live with the scar we choose

Our pain or scar are a sign of our wrong actions. If you want to learn from your mistake of life then you should go for this very meaningful short quote tattoo design.

quote tattoos

19. Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy

Many of us spend our lives in fear of something while we can enjoy every bit of it. If you want to add some positive energy into your life then you should opt for this short quote of tattoo.

quote tattoo designs

20. Reality is wrong, dreams are for real

If your reality is not according to your dreams and expectations then you shouldn’t accept it.  You must achieve your dream of life. It’s good to get this one of the amazing short quotes for tattoos.

quote tattoo design for back

21. Short love quote tattoos

If you love someone and you are afraid that he will leave you then you can tell him about your inner feeling with this cute short love quote tattoo design. ” Don’t go, I’ll eat you up; i love you so.”

short quotes tattoos

22. Always be True love with passions

It is one of the best inspirational quotes for tattoos. If you are a lover then you can get this tattoo. A lover should love truly and with great passion always.

short love quote tattoos always true love with passions

23. Love wins

Another great short quote tattoo for lovers is “Love wins”. It is not only for lovers but also for other people. If you want to win then you first have to love.

love tattoos

24.  Have faith in me

In a relationship, faith is very important.  Sometimes, it becomes important to tell your partner then he/she has to have faith in you. In this situation, you can get this kind of short quotes for tattoos.

love faith quote tattoos

25. Look after my hear, i have left it with you

It is indeed a heart touching short quote for tattoo. When you fell in love, you could get this tattoo quote.

love quote tattoo designs

After exploring these short quotes for tattoos, it would be very simple for you to pick the best for yourself.






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