20 Colorful Christmas Nail Art Designs For Girls

zinc and sky blue nail art for christmas

Normally, girls think that they need to stick with red and white color when it comes to Christmas nail art design while they are not right. It’s not always good to follow common red and white theme. You need to be creative and start thinking about some colorful Christmas nail art design. Sometimes, colorful nails look more beautiful than traditional red and white design. Think outside the box when it comes to styling of your cute nails. Today, I would like to highlight 10 beautiful and astonishing colorful nail art designs that you can try this Christmas.

1.Orange and Jade Glittery Nail Art

Try different and unique nail art at Christmas. Combination of Jade with orange looks astonishing.

orange and jade nail art designs

2. Coriander and Red Christmas Goat Nail Art

Commonly, we see red and white goat nail at. It’s time to try unique coriander goat nail art with red and white Christmas flower arrangements.

Corriander and Red christmas nail art3. Lime Green Tree and Red/white Jingle Bells

It would be indeed fun for you to have different things associated with Christmas at each finger.

colorful christmas nail art designs4. Pistachio and Black Snowman Nail Art\

Apply thick coat of Pistachio at every finger and then start making snowman, Santa Claus cap and Christmas red cherries.

Pistache christmas snowman5.Colorful Santa Claus Nail art

Although Santa Claus’s cap has black and white theme yet you can bring variations by adding santa black belt with gold buckle. Black cute boots of Santa can also be made.

Christmas santa theme nail art designs6. Jade and White Christmas nail Art

After applying thick coat of jade on four fingers, you can start making snowman on each. Apply white coat at one finger of your choice and then create Christmas tree with jade nail polish.

jade christmas nail art7. Colorful Christmas Nail art with Different Christmas Characters and  things

You have fiver fingers to paint at Christmas. It is good to add one character or thing associated with Christmas at each finger. Below you can see Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas goat, Candy cane , Christmas tree and cherry.

Santa, goat and christmas stripes nail art8.Dark Red Christmas Stick

You don’t like to miss Christmas candy stick. So, it’s good to apply thick coat of Dark red nail polish on each finger and then to make red and white stick over it.dark red christmas candy stick9.Jade and Golden Christmas Tree

Combination of Jade and gold nail polish is indeed astonishing. Add some glitters to get a perfect colorful Christmas nail art look.



jade and golden christmas nail art10. Shiny and Glittery Christmas nail art

Want to save your time? If yes, then you can opt for shiny and glittery Christmas colorful nail art, which is pre-set. You just need to apply it.

christmas tree and snowman nail art11.Cute Yellow, Green, White and Red Glittery Nail Art

Whenever you are going to create colorful Christmas nail art, you have wide variety of colors to choose from. However,it’s good to pick jade, red, yellow, white and brown as these are somehow related to Christmas theme.yellow green christmas nail art12. Red, White and Blue Santa Claus nail art

It’s very simple and easy to make Santa Claus face on your nails. You need nail polish of red, blue, and white color. Shiny silver glitter is also required just to give perfect look to Santa’ cap.

Blue and red christmas nail art13. Multicolor Christmas Nail Art

Look at picture and explore the way of utilizing multiple colors for creating nice-looking Christmas nail art designs.

lime Green and Gold nail art designs14. Dark Blue and White Christmas Snow-Man

Feel the coldness of Christmas by creating dark blue shade nail art with Snow-man designs.dark blue snowman nail art for christmas15. Santa Cap and Colorful Christmas Gift Nail Art

We love to receive gifts at Christmas.It’s good to prefer colorful Christmas gift ribbon nail art designs over traditional red and white Christmas gift ribbons.christmas16. Green , Sky Blue and Golden Stones nail art

Want to design your nail in a stunning manner? You need to use sky blue, green and golden nail polish for getting Christmas theme designs and then to enhance beauty of your nails through colorful stones.

Green, gold and sky blue nail art for christmas17. Jade and Silver Christmas nail art Design

This nail art design is very easy to make. You just need to have a close look at it. You can make it in just 10 minutes.

Jade and silver nail art designs

18. Lime Green and White Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Traditionally, we make red and white Christmas sweater nail art.It’s time to try unique and stylish lime green color for making sweater on nail.

Christmas sweater nail art19.Navy Blue, Red and Queen Pink Christmas Flowery nail art

It’s time to hold Christmas blessing in hand by creating colorful Christmas flowers nail art.

zinc and sky blue nail art for christmas20. Lime Gteen, Red and White Christmas Candy Stripes

It is a fact that red and white candy canes look very yummy but you can add exception to this common nail art design by adding lime green stripes.green and red christmas candy stripe nail art design

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