17 Cool and Creative Animal Face Nail Art

tiger face nail art designs

Creative girls always seek some new creativity tasks, so today I decided to give them a new task. This task is to create animal face nail art. Trust me ,it is going to be a very enjoyable task for you. You don’t need to spend hours for getting animal face on your nails, there is only a little time and effort required from your side. This task should be done in your free time as it requires your full attention. In case you are getting bored and want something really cool to try for then it is indeed a right task. A smile will hit your face when you have successfully painted your nails with animal face. In order to make this creative task somehow comfortable, I’m going to give you an idea of 17 amazing animal face nail art designs. Let’s start playing with your nail polish.

animal face nail art

animal nail art designs for girls

1.Lion Face Nail Art

Lion is king of Jungle, so let’s begin this task with the king’s face. It’s not hard to draw its face. It is advisable to first make a rough sketch on a white paper and then to begin painting your nail.

lion face nail art for girlsnail art of wolf face

2.Tiger Face Nail art

Tiger face features are somehow resemble with lion. It’s advisable to use dark orange color for getting a cool nail art design. Always apply black nail polish with a matchstick, if you want a fine finish.

tiger face nail art designs

tiger nail art designs

3.Wolf Face Nail Art

No doubt,you need to put enough effort when you are going to draw wolf face on your nails. Although you can pick black nail polish for drawing his face but you will get clarity of design when you have grey nail polish.

grey wolf nail artwolf tattoo nail art designswolf face nail art design

4. Turkey Face Nail Art

The girls who love to play with different colors must go for this kind of animal face nail art because it lets you to choose different colors of your choice. You can go for funny face of turkey, if you want to turn on your happiness.

turkey face nail art designscolorful turky face nail artturkey nail arts for girls

5. Dog Face Nail Art

Dog is among the loyal animals and we all love to keep it at home. Drawing a dog face on your nails would surely require much attention from your side. It’s good to make a rough sketch with a light color nail polish and then to give it end finish with a color of your choices.

nail art design of dog facedog nail art designs

dog face and foot nail art

6. Cat Face Nail Art

Making this animal face nail art design is quite simple and easy. You shouldn’t forget to draw mustache of cat as it is an essential feature of cat face. Black and white nail polish should be used. However, you can pick your own colors when you want to bring a funny change in design.

cute cat face nail artkitty face nail art

7.Mouse Face Nail art

We all love to watch Tom and Jerry. When we can design cat face nail art then how we can skip mouse from our designing. Some girls draw the face of mouse in such a way that it’s hard to know whether it is a cat or mouse. But you need to be careful. Always keep a right sketch in mind or on paper before you begin this nail art design.

mouse nail art designs

mouse nail art designs

8. Cow Face Nail Art

Girl must drink one glass of milk at night since it’s good for mental health, which is required to draw this animal face. Always try to make a cute face of cow. Some girls like to draw face on one nail and then they paint rest of their nails with black and white dotted design of cow body. You can also try this design of nail art as it looks great.

cow face nail art for girls

pink and white cow nail art designscow face and body nail artcow nail art

9.Deer Face Nailart

Usually, we draw reindeer face nail art design on Christmas but we can also try it on other special days. Our task is to do something unique and then to tell the world how to spend free time happily.

reindeer face nail art


reindeer face nail art designs

10. Frog Face Nail Art

Want to play with dark green color? If yes, then you can opt for frog face nail art design. You should try to draw a funny face since it will bring smile on others face when you show your nails to them.

frog face nail artsgreen frog face nail artfrog drawing on nail

11.Turtle Face Nail art

Turtle gives us a message “Slow and Steadily win the race”. Girls who want to win the race of creativity would love to try one of the simplest animal face nail art designs, which is to draw face of turtle with nail polish. Your main focus is to paint big and colorful eyeballs while rest of designing is quite simple and easy.

funny turtle face nail artnail art with turtle face

12. Owl Face Nail art

Owl is blessed with big and wide eyes. It won’t be hard for you to draw its face on your nail. Your main focus should be on his eyes. You can increase the width of eyes abnormally, just to give a funny effect to your nail art design.

own nail art designscute owl face nail art

13. Bunny Face Nail Art

Girls love to have Bunny stuffed toys at home as rabbits are quite cute. Normally, you need to pick white and pink nail polish for getting this animal face nail art but you can surely select your favorite colors.

bunny face nail art

nail art design of bunny facerabbit face nail art

14.Fox Face Nail Art

Fox is quite clever animal and you will be the cleverest girl, if you can draw its face in a right manner on your nails. Though it’s hard to draw its curvy eyes and eyebrow yet a creative girl can surely do it accurately.

nail art design of fox fox nail art design

15. Panda Face Nail Art

We love to spend time with soft and cute panda, so why don’t you try this animal face nail art. You must choose black and white fine glossy nail polish for designing the exact facial feature of panda on your nails. Don’t pick any other color.

pnk panda face nail arts

16. Bee Face Nail Art

You can easily create bee face nail art.Always use bright yellow and black nail polish for drawing this kind of animal face nail designs.

bee nail art design

yellow and black bee nail art

17. Hippo Face Nail Art

You would love to create a big face of hippo on your nails. You need to concentrate not only on face but also nose of hippo. Pick brown or grey nail polish color for painting face.

hippo nail art designs

nail art design of hippo

I am sure you would love to design animal face nail arts in your free time. This task is quite simple yet entertaining. Go and try it now.


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