15 Trendy Ideas of Hair Updos for Long hair

women curly updos

Are you going to attend a very special party? Looking for amazing ideas of hair updos for long hair? If yes, then certainly you are at a place where you can get the best ideas of some trendy updos. Good thing about these updos is that you can make them at home and there is no need to get a helping hand of a hair stylist. Let’s dip into these cool ideas now.

nicole kidman stylish hair updos

1. Side Braided Hair Updo

Braided updos always look great, no matter which outfit you are going to wear on a party. You must have an idea about simple and french braid because most of braid updos requires them. Interestingly, many celebrities hit the red carpet with side braided updo. Actually, side braid enhances your face outlook and appearance to a great extent while side updo with it seems very beautiful.

french braid updo hairstyleside braided updo hairstyle

2. Curly hair updo

It is one of the common long hair updos that you can try.  Women who have very long hair often feel it difficult to catch them into a stylish updo. For them curly hair bun seems to be the best option. In order to get this updo, women first need to make loose curls with curling iron and then to do the rest of hairstyling.

curly hair updo for girlswomen curly updoswomen curly updo

3. Messy hair updo

In case you need to attend your best friend’s birthday party then surely you can opt for messy hair updo. This updo doesn’t take much time and effort from your side. You can set it as quickly as you can. There is no need to use shiny serum and styling gel before making this kind of updo. Actually, you need to mess up your hair in the best possible way, if you want a real messy hair updo.

messy hair updosgirls messy updo

4. Chignon

It is among the cute hair updo for long hair. Many celebrities love to get chignon as it boosts up their facial features and beauty. Chignon is classified under classic hair bun, it offers you a little traditional touch. However, it doesn’t mean that you look old with it. Actually, it is a hairstyle that add immense grace into your personality.

chignon hairstylechignon stylish hair updos

5. Simple Braid updos

Girls with long hair would love to catch their hair into braided hair updos. Usually, three to four simple English braids are made with the hair and then these braids are twisted together and secure into a sleek and stylish updo. Another kind of braided updo is one where women make double crown braids on front sides while securing rest of hair in a sleek formal updo.

women braided updossimple braided updocrown braid and updos

6. Casual Updo

There is no need to always wear a formal updo when you can look simply cute and beautiful with casual hair updo. This specific updo requires your full attention whenever you need to make it. However, you will forget about your little time when everybody in the party will praise your chic updo hairstyle.

casual hair updos for girlscasual hair updos

7. Formal Hair Updo

This specific kind of updo requires you to prepare your hair before you begin with the styling. You need to apply hair styling gel and shiny hair cream and then to comb your hair in such a way that no knot is in it. After that you need to do a little back combing for getting good volume of your updo. At the end, you need to set your hair smoothly.

formal hair updosbouffant and french twist hairstyle

8. Bouffant hair updo

It is a traditional hair updo that offers you a look of 1980s and 1990s, women of that era loved to wear this special hair updo. For getting this hair updo, you need to check online tutorial first because you can’t get the same height of this updo without prior knowledge and practice.

bouffant hair stylish updobouffant updos

9. Low Hair Updos

This kind of updo is usually secure at the nap. It is among the simplest and the most trendy hair updos . This updo become popular when Hollywood celebrities appear with this hairstyle on red carpet. Some women like to decorate low updo with a big rose at a side while other prefer to use small artificial roses.

low hair updos for womenlow hair updo

10. Top Knot

It is among the easiest updo hairstyles that you can try. There is only a need to gather all your hair on the top of your head and then to make a big knot of your hair. A big hair band is used to secure hair on the top. This hairstyle is often worn by brides but other women also get it. This hairstyle is easy to carry and keep you away from the hassle of brushing your hair again and again.

women top knot top knot updotop knot updo

11. Dutch Braid Updo

If you know how to make dutch braid then you can go for this unique dutch braid hair updo for long hair.  You first need to make a dutch braid and then to secure rest of your hair in a braided stylish updo. If you pick this hairstyle for your special party then no doubt every member of that party will lean toward your hairstyle.

dutch braid hair updosupdo dutch braided

12.French Twist Updo

It is a common hair updo that can be categorized under formal updo hairstyles. For getting this updo, you need to gather all your hair into your hand except two strands of hair from left and right side and then to twist your hair and secure them in a long updo. Two strands that you left before will be used to give a sleek finish look to this hairstyle.

french twist hair updosfrench twist hair updos

13. Twisted hair updos

Looking for some cool updo hairstyles? You need to give a try to this specific updo. You need to twist both side of your hair and then to secure these twisted hair strands into a sleek and well-shaped updo. This is also among the famous prom party hairstyles.

twisted hair updo hairstyletwisted hair updos

14. Retro Beehive Updo

Sometimes you have to attend a theme party of 1980s. We all know that retro and Beehive updo hairstyles were quite common at that time, so you can also get this updo. It doesn’t mean that this updo is only for special theme parties. You can also try it on some other parties where extra modern hairstyle isn’t a must.

retro beehive updo

15. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina hair updos are formal hair bun and usually models appear with them. This hairstyle offer sleek, stylish and clean look. Women with small oval and round face can give it a try. In case your face shape is long then you shouldn’t get it because it doesn’t seem perfect to a girl with elongated face.

ballerina bun hairstyleballerina bun for girlsmessy ballerina bun

Finally, you have 15 cool and trendy ideas for hair updo. Now you can pick one out of fifteen updo hairstyles and give them your good try at a special party.



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