15 Flirty Hairstyles of Ian Somerhalder

ian somerhalder side parted hairstyle

Ian Somerhalder is a model and actor who is quite famous due to his roles as Damon Salvatore in TV drama “Vampire Diaries” and as Boone Carlyle in TV Drama “Lost”. No doubt, guy has a magical look that can melt the heart of any lady. Though he is performing bad vampire role in Vampire Diaries yet fact is that he is more famous than leading actor. Girls love to see her romantic performance in the drama.Today, we are here to share the details of 15 cool and flirty hairstyles of Ian Somerhalder for all those guys who love to follow Ian in their girlfriend-boyfriend drama life. Let’s start digging into these eye-catching hairstyles.

ian mediaum hairstyle

1. Messy Look

Damon loves to look casual than formal in Drama, as we all know. So, it is Ian Somerhalder who often appear with messy hairstyles. He doesn’t care to brush the hair when her finger can do this job. According to her female fans, Ian looks extra hot in his messy hairstyle than a formal one.What do you think?

ian somerhalder messy hairstyle

2. Long wavy hairstyles

When waves move around cute face of Ian then charm of his personality boosts to a great extent. Ian doesn’t mind changing his look just like his performance in the dramas. In Vampire diaries, you can’t predict the next move of Ian and same is true about his hairstyling. Sometimes he comes with short hair and other times he surprise the people with long hairstyles. It’s all depend on his mood.

ian somerhalder long wavy haircut

3. Short hairstyles

When Ian started his modeling career, he appeared with short hairstyle. Short haircut suited to his personality at that time. He looked somehow innocent with simply short hair.

ian somerhalder short hairstyles

4. Center Parted hairstyle

Sometimes, Ian appear with center parted hairstyle. Though many guys think that Ian should avoid this kind of hairstyle yet fact is that girls can still move around this charming guy, no matter how bad cut he gets.

iam somerhalder center parted medium hairstyle

5. Magical Beach casual hairstyle

Ian Somerhalder don’t like formalities, it is his nature to make friends and get frank. Therefore, whenever he hangs out with friends then he give a preference to casual hairstyles. He often wears short casual hair because he wants to make his face more prominent via this kind of hairstyling.

ian beach casual beach hairstyle

6. Long curly hairstyle

Long hairstyles change the look of Ian to a great extent. Her female fans say that charm of Ian beauty boosts up when he appears with long curly hair. They love to see the curly strands that touches his nape and neck in a lovely way.

ian somerhalder long curly hair

7. Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles

One of the best hairstyles of Ian Somerhalder is one when he changes the color of his hair to a little bit. He normally appears with blondish highlights but sometimes he also come with ash blonde highlight. No matter what color of highlight he picks, highlights make his face look extra impressive.

ian curly highlighted hair

8. Ian Formal Spiky hairstyle

Normally, you are able to see the formal looks of Ian in the special events of Hollywood. Ian formal spike definitely add some more charm into his facial beauty. His hairstylist likes to give him a perfect handsome man look, so he uses the extra shiny serum for adding volume and  shine to his spikes. Guys can copycat this wonderful hairstyle of Ian Somherhalder.

ian somerhalder spike hairstyle

9. Short curly hairstyles

Ian doesn’t mind cutting short his hair when he get bored from his long hair. Instead of wearing sleek and straight short hair, he prefers to curl the edges a little bit. Fact is that straight hair give a straight look while curly hair offers an enticing look.

ian somerhalder short curly hairstyle

10. Side Parted hairstyles

Ian hairstylist like to divide the hair into different ways. Sometimes, Ian appears with left parted hair while other times he come with right parted hair. Core objective of making such varied division of hair is to change the overall look of this handsome and charming guy.

ian somerhalder side parted hairstyle

11. Medium wavy hairstyle

Waves make Ian look simply flirty, though he is not. In Vampire Diaries, you see Damon who knows how to flirt with girls by playing with some catchy words. In real word, you meet Ian who knows how to get the attraction of his fans,especially girls, with the mean of his catchy hairstyles.

ian somerhalder wavy hairstyle

12.Ian Somerhalder with Bangs

Many time, you notice that Ian appear with bangs. Sometimes, he has sharped edgy bangs while other times he has curly edgy bangs. No matter what shape is given to his front hair strand’s edges, he wins the heart of his fans via such a startling hairstyle.

ian somerhalder with bangs

13. Stubble hairstyles

Ian seems to have a good hairstylist who try to keep the hairstyle of Ian as trendy as possible. Sometimes, hairstylist cuts short the front hair and then spreads the hair on the forehead only to offer the best possible stubble hairstyle to Ian.

ian somerhalder14. Ian Somerhalder Shaggy haistyle

Ian also comes with shaggy cut hair. He covers the forehead with curly shaggy hair and leave the rest of hair as it is. He doesn’t use the hair styling product for setting the rest of hair. It seems that he likes to get semi-casual hairstyle in this way.

iam somerhalder shaggy straight hair

15. Ian Short Casual Hairstyle

It is one of the best hairstyles of Ian Somerhalder. He occassionaly wear short casual hair. He likes to use volume boost and shiny serum for messing up his temple short curly hair. He looks very charming when he appears with this hairstyle.

ian somerhalder short casual hairNo matter which hairstyle Ian wears, he looks very hot and sexy. His magical smile makes along with trendy hairstyle make him look like the most gorgeous guys in the world. Don’t you agree with me?





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