15 3D Realistic Tattoos Take you to Illusive World

3d realistic merged face tattoo

It happens many times that 3D realistic tattoos give you a deceptive impression. For example, you look at a person and suddenly you notice that a spider is moving on his arm. When you go close to that person just to warn him then you realize that actually that was a spider tattoo whom you mistaken as a real spider. It is not only you who undergo through this kind of situation. Actually, many of us experience it. It is all because of emergence of 3D most realistic tattoo designs. This kind of designs look so real that you hardly notice a difference between real and unreal things. An expert tattoo artist has enough knowledge of people anatomy. He drops ink on that part of his client’s body where designs look super real. Today, my intention is to highlight 15 most realistic tattoo designs that would surely lead you toward an illusive world. Let’s start stumbling now.

1.3D real Spider tattoo on foot

When you look at the image then you think that girl has a spider on her foot; while reality is different. She has a 3d real spider tattoo. This design is quite popular. People like to get spider tattoos on their arm , foot and other parts of body.  Meanings of spider tattoos are different from one culture to another. It’s good to first know the meaning and then get a tat.

3d realistic spider tattoo

2. 3d Car and Cash Tattoo design

It is one of my favorite 3d real tattoo designs. Tattoo artist created this design with magical skills, no doubt. When you look at the arm, you feel that a car is moving while throwing the cash behind. Car is not moving in reality but tattoo artist drop tattoo ink in such a way that car seems moving. Really wonderful !

3d realistic car throwing cash tattoo

3. 3D Merged Face Tattoos

Many times, you saw evil faces in the horror movies. If you don’t afraid of these faces then you would like to get merged evil face tattoo designs. However, you need to pick an expert tattoo artist because such design can be copied by a newbie.  Tattoo artist definitely did a great job in designing such a 3d realistic tattoo on back of his client.

3d realistic merged face tattoo

4. 3D Clock Tattoo on Rib

The people who don’t let the time pass them by normally opt for clock tattoo. However, meanings of clock tattoo could be changed from one person to another. In the picture, you can see a 3d clock tattoo on rib of a man.  It seems that person has integrated a clock on his rib. You think that person has set the clock inside his rib through a surgery. Dial of clock is designed in a perfect way. You hardly find any imperfection in this design.

3d real clock tattoo on rib

5. 3D Skull Tattoo on Arm

Daring guys usually like to get skull tattoo on their arms. They think that this tattoo tell the others how strong and brave they are. Though some people tag negative meanings to these tats but fact is that skull tattoo designs are quite popular. When you look at 3d skull realistic tattoo design then you must praise the artistic skill of tattoo designer.

3d realistic skul tattoo on arm

6. 3D Realistic Eye Tattoo on Arm

It is one of common 3d realistic tattoos. People usually opt for eyes tattoo since this tattoo portray clearly that third eye is looking at everything that might be missed by two real eyes. The people who first look at image think that this eye is real and they would surprise to see a new place of eye.

3d realistic eye tattoo for arm

7. 3D Headphone Tattoos on back

No doubt, it is a realistic tattoo that put everybody in doubt. Look at image and you think that person has hanging headphone the wire of which is connected to his nap somehow. However, reality is completely different. It is a 3D headphone tattoo design. Artist designed the headphone in such a way that you don’t know how to make a difference between real headphone and a tattoo one.

3d realistic headphone tattoo designs

8. 3D Pins Tattoo on Shoulder

Ouch! this is the first word that come into your mind when you look at the image. You perceive that person has been injured by three pins. Drops of blood portray this injury message to you. Don’t feel sympathy anymore, that person has a 3d pins tattoo design.

3d pins tattoos on shoulder

9. 3D Baseball and Glove tattoo on chest

Do you like to play baseball? If yes, then it is suggested to go for this 3d baseball and glove tattoo design. Tattoo artist designed this tattoo in a way that you can see every dimension of baseball. When you first see image, you think that person has a baseball in a glove on his chest while it’s not true again.

3d Realistic baseball tattoo

1o. 3D clock tattoo on Arm

Three dimensions of clock has been created through tattoo ink on arm in this image. Dial and hands of clock have been designed in a beautiful way. The people who look at the image, think that clock hands are moving. It is another deceptive message of 3d near reality tattoos of clock.

3d real clock tattoo arm

11. 3D FAITH Tattoo on Arm

This is indeed one of the astonishing 3d real looking design tattoos. Look at arm, it seems that Faith word has engraved into the arm by making incisions. People get faith tattoo when they have faith in something or someone such as Love, God, Mother, Partner, etc.

3d realistic faith tattoo on arm

12. 3D Belt Tattoo for Belly

People who are fans of wrestlers like to win a belt after they do something really daring. Though they can’t win the belt yet they like to get belt tattoo on their abdomen. Dip into image and you perceive that person has engraved a belt into his belly with the mean of a surgery. However, reality is completely different.

3d real belt tattoo on belly

13. 3D Colorful Eye Tattoo on Foot

It is one of impressive 3d realistic tattoos that can be tried by women. Colorful 3D eye tattoos on foot looks simply terrific. Women are able to get two extra eyes on their foot.

3d realistic eye tattoo for foot

14. 3D Snake Tattoos

Looking for really cool 3d real tattoo? You can surely give a try to snake 3d tattoo. After looking at image, you think that snake is moving over person’s leg. Some people get frightened from this kind of tattoo. However, people who are courageous and daring can surely opt for 3d snake tattoo design.

3d realistic snake tattoo on arm

15.3d Tribal Face Tattoo

When you look at image, then you think that a tribal kid is starring at you. There is a 3D snake tattoo along with kid face tattoo. Every feature of kid’s face is demonstrated in a clear cut manner. You can see his earrings that are quite visible. Even his aggressive facial expressions are depicted by frown lines on forehead.

3d realistic tribal face tattoo

What do you think about these 3d realistic tattoos? Does any of these tattoo take you into illusive world? Don’t hesitate to share with me.






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