12 Trendy and Cute Celebrity Kids Hairstyles 2014

Michelle Stanford's Daughter Natalia fringe and curly hairstyle

Celebrity kids remain in fashion news due to their branded outfits, special birthday parties and hairstyles. The people who are inspired from a particular celebrity like to check what kids of special people are wearing, what their kids are doing, and what style they carry, etc. They like to raise their own kids just like special kids . They love to copycat their styles, outfits and fashion. Top celebrities know this fact, so they keep changing the fashion and outlook of their sweet kids; they just want to keep their follower engage with themselves either through their styles or their kid’s hairstyles. It is time to get inspiration from 12 cute celebrity kids hairstyles 2014.

1.High Ponytails of Honor and Haven

Two little sweet daughters of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren cover the top kids fashion stories. Jessica pay utmost attention to the styling of Honor and Heaven. She is girl who love trends and thus, she love to make her daughters as stylish as she is.Below you can see sweet family picture in which Haven and Jessica are showing their chic looks along with Jessica and Warren.  Jessica, Honor and Haven are making high ponytails. However, daughters are looking cuter than Mom due to their heart-melting fringes.

Jessica Alba's daughters hairstyle

2.Suri Cruise’s Mini-Bangs Fringe

It is among the top celebrity’s kids hairstyles 2014. Suri remains in fashion news due to her branded and stylish clothes. Katie keeps changing her hairstyles. In 2014, Suri wears long straight hair with unique mini-bangs fringe. This whispy hairstyle go viral on web, many moms love this trendy hairstyle of Suri Cruise, 6-year daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

suri cruise daughter of tom Cruise hairstyles

Katie Holme's daughter Suri crusie hairstyle

3.Double French braid Ponytails of Marion and Tabitha

Sometimes mom don’t know what hairstyle that should pick for their little girls when they have to go school.No doubt, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is there to give them a right direction. Mario and Tabitha are two cute daughter of SJP. Both are wearing dual French braid ponytails.You can categorize it under simple hairstyles of kids. As you can see how matching head bows are adding more charm to both girls.

Sarah Jessica Parker's kids braided ponytails suri cruise daughter of tom Cruise hairstyles

4.Stella Sleek Blonde hairstyle with brown streaks

Streaks aren’t common among the kids. However, it is Tori Spelling’s Stella who never hesitate to carry a style that boost up her beauty. She is wearing sleek blonde straight hairstyle, while brown streaks are beefing up this hairstyle.

Tori Spelling's daughter Stella hairstyle

5.Willow Black Straight Hairstyle with Chic Fringe

Willow is among those simple styles who know how to be a part of top fashion news. She doesn’t mind changing her hairstyle. She loves to do color experiment with her hair. When it comes to kids styles, then black straight hair with chic fringe of Willow would surely be included in it. Willow is a daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Willow Smith daughter of Jada Pinkette Smith hairstyles

6.Harlow madden’s Messy Curly Hairstyle

Harlow Madden is a stylish daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Little girls take inspiration from her hairstyles. In 2014, she appears with her messy curls that enhance her beauty to a great extent.

celebrity kid harlow madden hairstyle

7.Matilda Ledger’s Stylish Side Parted Hairstyle

If your little girl wants something really simple then you can surely try side parted hairstyle of Matilda Ledger, who is daughter of cute Michelle Williams. It is among the easy hairstyles of all time. There is only a need to divide hair into two parts and then swept back the bangs.

Matlida celebrity kid hairstyle

8.Harper Beckham’s high ponytail

The cutest celebrity hairstyle of 2014 comes from Harper Beckham, daughter of Vitoria Beckham and David Beckham. Her mom and dads are among the fashion icons so how she couldn’t join them. She is wearing high ponytail.She is looking simply adorable with this cute ponytail hairstyle for little girls.

victoria beckham kid hairstyleDavid Beckham daughter hairstyle

9.Penelope’s short hairstyle

Penelope is daughter of Kourtney Kardashian. She is wearing sleek short hairstyle where her razor cut bangs are covering half of her forehead.

Celebrity kid Penelope hairstyle

10.Vivienne’s Curly hairstyle

Moms love to follow Angelina Jolie hairstyles and their kids would love to follow Angelina Jolie’s daughter Vivenne hairstyle. She is wearing curly hair swept back while a cute flowery headband adds more cuteness into her look. Little girls who are looking for some amazingly short celebrity kids hairstyles 2014 must consider Vivienne’s hairstyle.

Vivenne Angelina Jolie kid hairstyle

11.Zahara Blue Streak Micro-braided hairstyle

Zahara is indeed the most fashionable kid of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She loves purses, jewelry and trendy outfits. She is pretty cute and like to change her hairstyle. In 2014, African-American little girls can copycat her black and blue micro-braided hairstyle. Her hairstyle is among the cute celebrity kids hairstyles of 2014.

microbraided hairstyle of Zahara Jolie-Bradpitt

12.Natalia Scout Lee

Without any doubt,4-year old Natalia Scout Lee is as stylish as her Mom Michelle Stafford. She is wearing curly hairstyle with light brown streaks. Her thick fringe boosts up her appearance to a great extent.

Michelle Stanford's Daughter Natalia fringe and curly hairstyle


I’m sure that you would like to try these hairstyles 2014 of famous celebrities’s kids for your little sweethearts. It’s time to share with us which hairstyle you like the most.

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