12 Super Easy Gel nail art designs

black white gel nail art design

If you need an idea of designing your nail aesthetically with gel nail polish then you have hit the right place. Here you will be able to unlock very cool 12 ideas of gel nail art designs. Let’s have a look.

1.Purple Black Animal Print nail art

I really like this idea. You need to apply gel nail polish first and then to adore the tip with purple nail polish. Apply double black stripes over the purple nail polish, because you have to get an animal paint style on nail. Now enhance the beauty of your nail with a silver polish tip underline.

purple animal paint nail art

2.Black White Flower Gel nail art

Girls who like creativity would surely love to try this idea. Apply gel polish on base and then apply black nail polish on the tip. Use nail art pen and white polish for making amazing flower outlines on your nail.

black gel nail art with flower manicure

3.White gold stylish nail art design

When you are going to wear a white gold outfit then you should give your best try to this design. Apply gel polish as a base. Adore tip of nail with white polish. Now you have to add gold stripes over the tip. You also have to apply black and red stripes, but very short on the nail tip.

silver white nail art

4.Purple white nail art design

It is another cute gel nail art design that you would like to try. Apply gel polish as a base, apply purple glittery polish diagonally on the tip. Now adore rest of nail tip with black and white polish.

purple white nail art design

5.White flowery nail art accessory design

You would love to try this idea on a special event. Your task is to apply gel polish on the base and then to amplify the beauty of your nails with flowery pink white nail accessory.

white pink flower accessory

6.Triple color glitter and gel nail art

It is another cool idea of manicure for the girls. You have to apply gel polish on the nail base while enhancing the beauty of your nails with silver, black and pink glittery nail polish. You have to apply each coat very aesthetically, if you want the same cool look.

triple color gel nail art

7.Pink , black and white nail art

It is a very easy nail art design for girls. As usual, apply gel polish on the base just to add some gloss to your nail. Now apply white polish on the tip. Use pink glittery polish as an underline of nail tip. At the end, you have to apply black polish under pink. Don’t forget to seal this beautiful nail art with top coat.

black pink white gel nail art

8.Blue and Black Leaf Design nail art

If you can make leaf on your nail then we have brought a great idea for you. Apply blue polish on tip. Underline blue tip with black polish.Now you have to make leaf outline on blue tip with black nail art pen. Add gloss to this manicure with gel nail polish.

blue leaf nail art design

9.Tree style light and dark blue manicure

I’m sure many girls would like to try this amazing idea. Your task is to apply blue nail polish on the tip of three nails in a round way. Apply gel polish at the end to add some glam to the nails. Now you have to work on two nails. Apply light blue polish and then make a tree over it with white nail art pen. Seal nail design with top coat.

blue gel nail art design

10.White Flower Nail art design

It’s not hard to make flower on your nail, you only need to have some idea how to do this. First of all, apply glittery grass green polish on the tip. Now use nail art pen and make a cute seven petal flower on the tip.

green gel flower nail art

11.Black and white Flower gel nail art design

It is one of the cutest nail art designs for girls. Apply gel polish on the base. Now adore the tip of nail with the black polish. Underline black tip with silver polish. Now you have to make little white flower on your black nail tips.

black white gel nail art design

12. Pink Glitter and gel nail art design

It is perfect part manicure for girls. Your task is to apply pink glitter polish randomly on the nail. Fix some rhinestone on the nail. Now lock this cool look with the gel nail polish.

pink silver nail art design

Good thing about gel nail art designs is that girls can try them at any time. They look great on any party or casual event. So, don’t wait anymore. Go and give it a good try.

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