12 Stunning ideas of Wing Chest tattoos for men with meanings

owl wings tattoos for chest

Wings tattoos are quite popular among men and women. Women usually get wing tattoo designs on their back but men prefer to have them on their chest. The meanings of wing tattoos are freedom and speed. Wing chest tattoos for men are quite popular because they look great and tattoo artists are able to incorporate many different styles and designs into them. The meaning of wings tattoos changes along with symbol and things that are designed with it. Today, I would give you a change to explore 12 exciting ideas of wing chest tattoos men along with their meanings.

1.Angel Wings tattoos

It is among the most common design of tattoos. The meaning of angel wing tattoo is protection and guidance.

angel wings tattoos

2.Lion wings tattoos for men

When you see wings on lions then it would have some specific meanings. Lion symbolizes gold in alchemy. It represents glorious and luminescent spiritual quality that is quite valuable. In tattoo artwork, lion with wing chest tattoos for men would represent a specific magical or spiritual goal that has to be achieved.

lion wings tattoo ideaswings and crown chest tattoos

3.Eagle wings tattoos means

Another great chest wing tattoo idea for men is to get winged eagles that symbolizes beginning of a process. They direct person toward a new direction or new beginning in life.

eagle wings cross tattoos for men chest

4.Snake Wing Chest tattoos for men

Many of you don’t like creepy snakes but trust me if you add them in your wing tattoo design that you can simply rock. The meaning of winged serpants or dragons tattoos are power, life, dominion, life and a kind of magic.

wings snake tattoos men

5.Wing and owl tattoos mean

Men often like to get owl wing tattoo design on chest. The meanings of owl tattoo are wisdom,mystery, message, foresight,etc. Owl is considered as a keeper of sacred knowledge.

owl wings tattoos for chestowl wings tattoo ideas

6.Cross and wings tattoos designs

Christians usually like to represent their affection to religion with sacred cross and angel wing tattoo. The horizontal beam of cross represents negativity and female while vertical beam demonstrates positive aspects of life and male.

wings and cross tattoos menwing and cross chest tattoo men

7.Hour glass wing chest tattoos for men

It seems to one of the best wing tattoo designs for men chest. You have to get hour glass in the middle while wings will cover it from left and right sides. Hour glass makes it clear that nothing is immortal and time is the most scarce resource. Wings with hour glass simply means time is passing quickly.

hourglass tattoos men

8.Mic and wings tattoos design

Men who love to sing and don’t want any obstacles in their singing career usually get mic and wings. They try to show that nothing can stop them from singing and they are free.

mic and wings tattoo chest ideas

9.Wings and heart tattoo designs

Lovers usually opt for this tattoo design. They get red heart along with wings just to show that their heart is flying and they don’t have any control over it.

wing chest and heart tattoos

10.Wings and crown tattoo designs

Royalty is the main meaning behind crown tattoo design. When it is combined with wings then designer want to portray freedom of power and authority.

crown and wings tattoos

11.Stars and Wing chest tattoos for men

Stars demonstrate good luck. People who think that they must have full control over their luck opt for wing and star tattoo design.

star eye and wings tattoos


12. Pistol and wings tattoos designs for men

If you a cool guy who don’t mind using gun and pistols then you can opt for this tattoo design. The meaning of this tattoo is power and freedom.

pistols and wings tattoo design

So, guys what you need more? It’s right time to explore these wing chest tattoos for men , know their meanings and pick the best design for yourself.

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