12 simple nail art designs That take only five minutes

easy cat eyes nail art

Girls who have just started doing nail art designing might feel it hard to work with very complex nail art designs, therefore I bring 12 great ideas of simple nail art for them. Good thing about these ideas is that they won’t take more than 5 minutes but you get very amazing design at the end. So, let’s unlock these ideas now.

1.Multicolor Stripes Nail art

When you are going to wear a multicolor dress then you have to try this design. Apply pink on the base color, then opt for pink, purple and black stripes. Seal the design with top coat and you are done.

multicolor nail art

2.Red and Black nail art

It is one of my favorite manicure designs. It always look graceful. You task is apply red colors on all nail and let them dry. Now apply black nail polish diagonally on three nails. It is very amazing idea to try.

black and red nail art

3.Pink and White nail art

Another simple nail art that can be created within 5 minutes is white stripes on pink nail polish. You need to use pink as a base and then to make two stripes of white on pink: one stripe should be on the tip of your nail while another should be in the middle.

pink and white nail art design

4.Geometric Blue Black Simple nail art

You may also like to try this amazing idea of nail art. Your task is to apply black color on the base and then make the geometric design on your nails with blue nail polish. You should use nail art brush for drawing the perfect geometric lines.

black blue line nail art

5.Black Cat eyes nail art

You would surely love this easy nail art design. Your task is to apply black on all nails. Now your nail art dotter and make a big white dot on the side of each nail. Inside this white dot you will have to make a small black dot and you are done with an amazingly beautiful and simple nail art of cat eyes.

easy cat eyes nail art

6.Purple black Tips Dots Nail art

Apply gel nail polish on base. Now apply black polish on the top. Below this polish, you have to apply a stripe with purple polish. Dip dotter in purple polish and make tiny dots on the black nail polish. It is very cute and easy nail art design to try.

purple black nail art design

7.Pink black Manicure

If you need a decent nail art design then you have to do a very simple thing. First of all, apply pink nail polish on base, opt for glossy pink. Now apply black nail polish on the tip of the nail. Make stripes of dark black and purplish-pink polish under the tip. Don’t forget to apply top coat at the end.

pink black manicure

8.Purple Black Geometrical design nail art

You would also like to try this simple nail art design at home. It’s indeed fun to make different nail polish angles on the nail. First apply pink nail polish as the base and then use black and purple nail polish for making different yet clear angles on the nail.

geometric nail art design

9.Simple Colorful Nail art design

When you are going to wear a colorful dress then you should try this amazing nail art with it. Apply fresh pink, yellow, orange and green color as the base. Make the tips with white color paint. Dip dotter into white paint and make tiny cute side dots.

colorful nail art design

10.Blue white Polka Dot design

I’m sure you would like this idea of nail art as it is very simple yet cute. You have to use navy blue nail polish as the base. Make lines and dots with white nail polish.

blue polka dot design

11.White red flower simple nail art

Girls like to make flower on nail, so you should also opt for this particular design. Apply red nail polish on the base. Now you should use white nail art paint to make cute little flower near to tip of each nail.

white red flower nail art

12.Peach and Black petal nail art

Instead of making a flower on your nail, you can make very beautiful peach black petal. Your task is to apply peach shade on the base and then make a petal near to tip with black color.

beige black nail art design

Hurrah! You have explored 12 really cool simple nail art designs that don’t take much time. Try these designs and share your comments with me.



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