12 Pretty hairstyles that make you look chic

curls and flower headband

Girls who want to look beautiful on special party must pick one hairstyle out of 12 pretty hairstyles that I’m going to highlight below. Let’s have a look.

1.Wavy messy updo

Get some waves into your hair and then bound the back hair into a messy hair updo. This hairstyle is quite simple to do. You can adore it with flowers or silver hair bands; choice is yours.

curly hair for girls

2.Classic Beehive hairstyle

It is one of the pretty hairstyles for girls. You need to tease hair up on the front section and then to cover the raised portion of teased hair with sleek and straight hair. You also need to get side bangs for giving the best finish to this hairstyle.

beehive pretty hairstyles

3.French braided hair updo

Girls love to wear braids pretty hairstyles as they look simply amazing. You need to first make a French braid with front hair section and then to make an updo with rest of your hair.

braided hair updo girls

4.Braid headband with curls

You would love to make this hairstyle. You first need to make a fringe with your front hair section. Now get a thin hair strand and make a simple three strand braid. Now tie this braid around the fringe and head in a way you wear a band. Get some girls to spice up this pretty hairstyle.

bangs and braid hairstyles girl

5.Ponytail with bangs

If you want to look super chic then you should opt for this hairstyle. Get a fringe from a reputed salon and then make your hair straight with a straightener. Now make a sleek low ponytail.

ponytail and bangs girls pretty hair

6.Spiral curls with flower headband

It is among the cute and pretty hairstyles or girls. You need to side swept a fringe, get spiral curls and then adore this look with a big flower headband. I’m sure you would like to try this look.

curls and flower headband

7.Half up and half down curly hairstyle

If you want to grab romantic look then you should try this hairstyle. Your task is to keep your front hair sleek while getting the tight and formal curls in the lower portion of hair. Once you done curling the hair, you should pin up upper half hair portion.

hairstyles mesy girls

8.French braid with low hair bun

It is one of the pretty hairstyles for girls. You task is to make a French braid of hair near temple line and then add this braid into a low hair bun.The beauty of this hairstyling depends on the way you make a braid in clean cut manner.

pretty hairstyle ideas

9.Classy wavy hairstyle

When you look at this hairstyle, it seems complicated while it is not. You can try it very easily. Your task is to use wavy brown or gold color hair extensions, which need to be set into black ponytail hairstyle in a messy style.

ponytail hairstyles girls

10.Flower hairstyle

Your search of pretty hairstyles would be end up on this flower hairstyle. You need to get help from an expert while making this flower with your hair. However, you can also watch some online videos on youtube, these vides guides you how to make a flower with your own hair. Give perfect finish to these hairstyles with curls.

flower hair girls

11.Lace braid in long straight hair

One way to style your hairstyle in a cute way is to opt or lace braid. This braid is very simple but always look stunning in your hair, so don’t forget to try this pretty hairstyle.

simple braid pretty hairstyle idea

12.Front braid with beehive

You would love to try this hairstyle that is very easy. Make a braid on your front hair section and then raise back portion o hair with teasing. In this way, you would be able to get good combo of beehive and braid hairstyle.

braided bun hairstyles girls

You have a list of pretty hairstyles.Would you like to try any of them?

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