12 Inspirational Naomi Campbell Hairstyles for Black women

naomi campbell ponytail hairstyle

Generally, black women take fashion and style inspiration from black celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and many more. It is indeed good for them to follow footprints of celebs because if they do this then it means they are ultimately following latest style and fashion trends. Today, I decided to shed light on 12 popular and the best Naomi Campbell Hairstyles for black women.

1.Naomi Campbell Straight long hair

If you have straight hair then you should see how Naomi make her straight her simply graceful. An important part of her straight long hair is the shine that you can only grab with the mean of some glossy hair serum. It is good to apply serum before using hair iron, in this way you would get the same classy hair look that Naomi has.

straight long hair of naomi campbell

naomi campbell straight long hairstyles

2.Perfect Short bob hairstyle of Naomi Campbell

In case you are planning to cut your hair very short then again it is Naomi who can guide you in the right direction. You need to get the edgy short bob hairstyle just like Naomi. As you can see, her chin length bob has sleek edges that made a perfect face frame. This is simply a great short bob hairstyle for black women.

short bob hairstyle naomi

short bob haircut of naomi campbell

short bob haircut of naomi

3.Wavy Locks of Naomi Campbell

Naomi gets perfect waves, no matter she is going for a cat-walk or a photo-shoot. Her wavy locks are definitely very inspirational, many African American want to emulate her hairstyle.It is among the very cool Naomi Campbell hairstyles. So, when you wanty to look hot and beautiful then you should opt for a wavy hairstyle just like Campbell.

naomi campbell wavy hair

long wavy hairstyle of naomi campbell


4.Naomi Campbell Classy Bangs

These days, you see Naomi with bangs. Almost every second hairstyle of Naomi has fringe. It is because she look wonderful with bangs. So, if you need to copycat her grace then you always has to consider getting a sleek shiny hair fringe.

long curly bangs of noami campnbell

5.Stunning High Ponytail of Naomi Campbell

Generally, Naomi doesn’t like to catch her hair but when she did it, she was looking fabulous. She gave an extra edge to high ponytail hairstyle, which was one of the best Naomi Campbell hairstyles. Her fans started following her route. So, you can also do the same.

naomi campbell curls and high ponytail

naomi campbell ponytail hairstyle

6.Naomi Campbell High bun

When you are going to get ready for a formal event then you like to wear hair bun. On run-way, Naomi was looking adorable when she exposed her classy high bun. This hairstyle of Naomi Campbell was indeed very rousing for black women.

naomi campbell high bun

7.Naomi Campbell Half up and Half Down hairstyle

Another popular hairstyle of Naomi Campbell is half up and half-do. She teased her front hair while keeping her back hair straight and sleek. This is among the best Naomi Campbell hairstyles for party.You can adore this hairstyle with some flowers, just to look wonderful on a marriage of your friend.

naomi campbell half up and half down hairstyle

8.Naomi Campbell Medium hairstyle

It is a fact that Naomi always appear with long hairstyle but she also gave good medium hairstyle ideas to her fans. If you have medium hair then you have two great options:get some curls or make wavy locks.

naomi campbell short wavy hair

naomi campbell medium  curly hair

9.Striking Layered haircut of Naomi Campbell

Layers define the beauty of every black woman’s hair. Those who are going to follow Naomi Campbell hairstyles would surely like to grab idea from her stunning long layered haircut. Every layer of this cut is clear, you can get the same haircut when you visit a well-reputed salon of your area.

naomi campbell layered haircut

naomi campbell layered long hairstyle

10.Classic Updo of Naomi Campbell

Naomi surprised her fan with a classic updo that she worn on an award ceremony. She accentuated her classic updo hairstyle with a silver hair accessory. Her crown updo and sleek fringe combo was indeed wonderful. It is one of the popular Naomi Campbell hairstyles.

classic updo of naomi campbell

11.Naomi Campbell Curly hairstyles

If you have natural curly hair then you need to know how to make them look terrific and this knowledge could be attained by having a look at curly locks of Campbell. One time she opted for loose curls and another times she made a big change into her appearance with ombre curly hairstyle.

naomi campbell curly ombre hairstylenaomi campbell curly hair

12.Formal updo hairstyle of Naomi

Do you want to look gorgeous at a special event? You should try sleek and formal updos of Naomi. These updo hairstyles would make a big change into your look and grab aesthetic look for you.

hair updos of naomi campbell

In short, Naomi Campbell hairstyles bring many great ideas of hairstyling for black women. There is only a need to try one idea that you like the most, whenever you want to stand out in the crowd.




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