12 Different Kinds of Military Haircuts For men, look handsome

men crew cut hairstyle

Military haircuts are quite popular all over the globes. Normally, the guys who want to look simply cool and handsome usually opt for these haircuts. Though these are famous yet many people don’t have clear idea what exactly military haircuts are. Let’s find the complete details about these particular haircuts.

ivy league military cut for men

Military hair cut from Army to Common People

In past, military haircuts are exclusive to military personnel. Girls usually impressed from an army guy not only due to his fitness but also because of his graceful haircut. Nowadays, these haircuts are common among ordinary people, there is no need to have military affiliation. Guys love to make the real fashion statements by wearing military haircuts.

flat top military haircut

What makes Military haircut very appealing?

Military haircuts for men fall under low-maintenance category. There is no need to visit barber shop again and again for fine tuning and trimming. All kinds of military hair cuts are short hair cuts, so hair will never clip in the shirt’s collar or inside the helmet.. Guys like to look attractive and handsome and it is possible when they reach for military haircuts.

military men haircut

Size of Military Haircut

The length of these haircuts should never exceed the two-inch hair length mark, no matter what kind of military haircut a barber is going to give a person. In military, there are some specific rules for such haircuts. Generally, higher the rank, the longer an army man is allowed to wear his hair. The more a military man spends time on duty, the shorter his hair will be. These rules can also be followed by other guys who don’t belong to military.

men burr cut hairstyles

12 Types of Military haircuts for men

Guys who are interested in military haircuts are able to enjoy 12 different variation of this particular hairstyles. Check the list below.

  1. Induction Cut
  2. Burr Cut
  3. Butch Cut
  4. Regulation Cut
  5. Fade
  6. High and Tight
  7. High and Tight Recon
  8. Crew Cut
  9. Ivy League Cut
  10. Flat Top
  11. Brush Cut
  12. Undercut

1.Induction Cut:

When a guys takes an entry into boot camp then he gets induction cut.This haircut means no hair left on the hair. A barber clips hair with no guard all around the head. This hair is close to shaved length and look like facial stubble. Some guys really look cool with this kind of military haircuts for men.

induction cut military

men military hairstyles

2.Burr haircut:

Don’t like completely shaved head? You might be interested in burr cut that is one step higher from Induction haircut when it comes to hair length. Your hair will be clipped with a guard number one or two. That’s mean end result of this haircut allows you to see 1/8 of an inch hair length on your hair. Burr haircut is quite popular in Hollywood and many superstars opt for this kind of military haircut.

men burr cut hair

3.Butch cut

Another popular style of military haircut with short hair length is butch cut. All head hair is clipped with any guard number between 3 and 5. Many guys look attractive with butch haircut.

butch cut hairstyle for menmen short burr cut hair

4. Regulation Cut

This haircut is very common for high ranking military officials. Good thing about this haircut is that it leaves almost 2 inches hair length on the top, so some kind of styling is possible with this specific haircut. Though top hair length is 2 inches yet back and sides of head are usually tapped down to skin.

regulation haircut for menmilitary cut regulation for men

5.Fade haircut for men

It is among the popular military haircuts for men. This hairstyle features gradual decrease of hair length until hair is no longer seen. Generally, a barber fades back and sides of hair since gradual decrease of hair length is very visible in these areas. In fade haircut, the top area of head some hair length but this hair length gradually decreases in the back and sides of head.

men fade cut hairstylefade cut for men

6.High and Tight men haircut

The guys who need a really cool haircut should opt for high and tight. In this particular hairstyle, hairs are clipped shorter from back and sides than the top. Top head hair has length of one inch at least. Barber tapers side and back hair with one or two number guard or simply without guard. But when he is going to cut the top hair, he uses 1 or 2 number higher guard as compared to back and sides.

high and tight cut

high and tight military cut

7.High and Tight Recon

Guys who need some super cool look opt for High and Tight Recon hairstyle or simply Racon haircut. This is a cool version of high and tight military haircut. Guys who think that they don’t have any x-factor can add this factor to their personality via this specific haircut. Recon is an extreme version of High and Tight haircut. In it, you gets very small and short hair length on the top of head while no hair at all in the back and sides. You leave with simply bald head, if you opt for this particular hairstyle. In military language, you can call this hairstyle as a “landing strip”.Interestingly, this haircut is popular not only among military professional but also among Marine Professionals.

recon military hair cut

men hugh and tight recon hairstyle

8.Crew haircut for men

Guys who take good interest in sports usually opt for crew haircut since it is very popular hairstyle used by not only military men but also sportsmen. This hairstyle is indeed very simple. The sides and back hair is tapered down to the hairline. When it comes to top hair then you see that head is trimmed from vertex toward the front so hair on front area of head is longer than crown area hair. Though front hair of a person has some length yet this length never exceeds one inch mark.

men crew cut hairstyle

crew cut hairstyles for men

9.Ivy League Haircut

It is among the most common kinds of military haircuts for men. This hairstyle is popular among the undergraduates of Ivy League universities. Mainly this haircut is common for high rank military personnel but these days it has close affiliation with universities. Therefore, an Ivy league haircut is also named as Harvard Clip, a Princeton Clip or a Brown Clip, etc. Ivy League haircut is a longer version of crew cut. The hair is longer from sides, back and front of hair. The hair length mark for front hair is usually two inches. The length gradually increases from vertex to front hairline, you can see a wedge like pattern from sides of head.

men ivy league haircut

10.Flat Top Hairstyle

This is among the very cool short hairstyles for men. Guys who play game know very well that Guile of video game Street Fighter wore this particular hairstyle. This hairstyle requires a careful tapering from an expert hairstylist. Hair has to be trimmed from the top in a way that you get flat surface after brush your hair. The hair of back and sides will get a high fade treatment. It is good to know that flat top hairstyle is not good for curly hair men.

men flat top

flat top hairstyle for boys

11.Brush Cut

This kind of military haircuts for men is somehow alike to Flat top hairstyle. Nevertheless, brush cut hairstyle doesn’t need to create a flat top surface when lifted up. In this haircut, hair is trimmed so they look neat when a person brushes them with a comb or brush.

brush cut hairstyles for men

men brush cut hairstyles

12.Undercut hairstyle for men

This hairstyle is quite popular among men under 25. Many people don’t know but this haircut is also known as Darmody haircut and SS haircut. The undercut hairstyle is somehow similar to bowl haircut for men. The hair from side and back are clipped short up to a number 3 length guard while hair length is keep long on the top. If you follow military haircuts rules then you need to keep the length of top hair up to 2 inches but if you don’t want to follow these rules then you can keep hair length as long as you want.

undercut hairstyle for men

men undercut hair

So guys, finally you have explored 12 different types of military haircuts for men. It is good to try any of these haircuts once in your life, just to add some grace and style into your personality. However, you don’t need to get a haircut only when your friends have got it. Always choose a military haircut that suits to your personality.


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